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Tahoma student talks about her volleyball experience

By Amelia Wolfson
Staff Writer

Tahoma freshman Janelle Langarcia has been playing volleyball for more than three years, and she has been on many different teams, including the Summit Tahoma volleyball team and other school and club teams.

“The Tahoma coach would have an A team and a B team, and they would never combine them to mix the skill levels; but in club, they put the bad people and the good people together because you learn from that experience, because if you’re put in with a bunch of bad people you’re not going to learn,” Langarcia said.

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Summit Prep freshman shares her volleyball experience

By Maddie Artap

Staff Writer

Summit Prep freshman Cynthia Rodriguez plays outside hitter for the Palo Alto Volleyball Club. The job of the outside hitter is to go after the ball if it comes to the back left side.

She has played volleyball for four years, and, as a result, she’s been accepted in a 16-year-old division for her club team. She also played for Summit’s varsity team during volleyball season.

Rodriguez said, “I am interested in playing volleyball because it teaches you how to make teamwork and work together, and you get to learn new skills and strategies.”

She added: “The most thing that I like is the things that I get to learn, and a way for me to expand my adventures.”

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Cunanan describes volleyball experience

By C.M. Bateman

Photo Editor

Tahoma junior Nicole Cunanan plays middle blocker for the varsity volleyball team. The middle blocker’s job on the team is to block opposing hits from the other team and spike the ball over the net. Because of Cunanan’s six years of experience playing volleyball, she has the ability to guide and help her teammates with their own performance on the court.


Featured image (at the top of this post): Cunanan hydrates after her game-winning shot against Cristo Rey. PHOTO CREDIT: JC Susbilla