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Visual Arts course encourages creativity

By Jamil Abed, Andrea Castilleros, Joseph Gutierrez and Diego Quintero Staff Writers The first project students worked on during Round Two of their Visual Arts Expeditions class was a color wheel. They mixed and blended different colors into the circle, including red, blue, green and many more bright colors. The color wheel that they are working on is simple, but

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Course puts students through the behind the scenes magic of filming

By Judy Ly Staff Writer In the Video Production Expeditions course, students have the opportunity to explore the process of producing a film.  Through projects, such as creating a mockumentary and a silent film, students get to explore different roles and different perspectives on the behind the scenes magic.  Students are able to act as a director, a camera operator,

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Art teacher expresses his passion for the visual arts

By Nethan Sivarapu and Maxwell Taniguchi-King  Staff Writers As you enter Room S-4 at Summit Public Schools: Tahoma, an anticipation of the day’s work can be felt. A hum of excitement in conversations can be heard throughout the room, accompanied by calming hip-hop music emitted from speakers seen at the head of the classroom. Behind said speakers sits Mathew Scicluna,

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Art helps the reform and rehabilitation of the brain

By Benjamin Arts and Kunal Puri Staff Writer The reform and rehabilitation of the brain through art can be achieved through different forms of art like paintings, music or anything creative. Art therapy can be used for many different people and their problems. Lissa Thiele, a juvenile justice commissioner for Santa Clara County, explained, “In the work that I do, often

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Citizens express their views on street art

By Kainoa Garo, Nethan Sivarapu, Maxwell Taniguchi-King and Ian Vu Staff Writers Functioning as a foundation and reinforcing the network of cultures, art is the crucial factor that enables us to express our passions. While walking the streets of downtown San Jose, said art is found on virtually every corner. In many cases, this art appears in the form of visual art, in

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Expeditions course reveals itself to be more than simply a Visual Arts class

By Carlos Cortez Staff Writer Art, whether you partake in the creation process or not, is a part of everyone’s life in some form or another. During the Expeditions time frame at Summit Public School: Tahoma, a small room separated from the standard classrooms is home to a group of students learning the skills needed to adequately create art. Headed

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