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Students learn life skills in Intro to Visual Arts

By Angela Hwang and Nadia Tatishcheva Staff Writers Introduction to Visual Arts, an Expeditions art course at Summit Public School: Denali, trains students in techniques they need should they choose to pursue a career in visual arts. Should they choose not to seek a profession in art, they will still learn many skills applicable to life and other employments such

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Intermediate Visual Arts lets students draw on their creative thinking

By Noel Cintron and Parker Liefson Staff Writers    Many people are challenged by stress and anxiety; Intermediate Visual Arts helps them deal with these issues as they express their creativity. The Intermediate Visual Arts course is a class taught by Mathew Scicluna. The purpose of this class is for students to express themselves by making art. The students who

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Intro to Visual Arts students draw on their emotions

By Inderpal Sivia Staff Writer Visual arts is about being able to create something out of nothing to express an emotion. Visual Arts instructor Mathew Scicluna said, “The purpose of art is to create and express yourself as a human and show an emotion through how we move through life.” This is key in describing art because you are using

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Intermediate Visual Arts expands students’ creativity

By Deandra Han, Jennifer Rico and Karla Tran Staff Editors In Intermediate Visual Arts,  students use their unique skills to communicate their thoughts and ideas in artwork such as paintings, drawings and sketches. Students can express themselves using materials from simply a piece of paper and pen to advanced art materials to show how art can spark creativity. The Intermediate

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Intermediate art class allows students to draw outside the lines

By Mariam Feleyeh  Staff Writers Rules and restrictions are an important part of life. Everyone has to follow them. But sometimes rules can make you feel trapped. When you’re consistently told, “No, stop coloring outside the lines” and are handed a black-and-white book and told to bubble in the answers, you begin to feel trapped. This impacts students especially. Intermediate

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Visual Arts class gives students confidence and sparks creativity

By Sophia Lim Staff Writer At Summit Shasta, the students in Meridith Burchiel’s Intro to Visual Arts class take their creativity to new levels as they learn the basic beginnings of art. Walking into the Intro to Visual Arts class might be overwhelming at first, but a closer glance shows the hard work and talent that students taking this course

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