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Breaking Bad is a morally compelling show

By Annabelle Wilkinson

Staff Writer

“Breaking Bad” is the phenomenal five-season show that was created by Vince Gilligan and stars actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. The show started off with a small but steady fan base, but has since turned into the sixth most critically acclaimed show of all time after being nominated for 58 Emmys and taking home six.

The show will morally challenge viewers, as the writers do an incredible job with creating characters who walk the line of good vs evil. This show ran for 62 episodes and every single one is significant, as the creator went into “Breaking Bad” with a plan, and that shows through the meticulous and clever content produced.

I have personally fallen in love with this show as both Cranston and Paul give career–defining performances that pair perfectly with the intelligent and quick writing. This show is guaranteed to affect whoever watches it.

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An Advanced Drama student shares her experience in the class

By Kaitlyn Kelley 

Staff Writer 

“One thing I really like is there is no censorship in that class. He lets us talk about

DSC_0004 (4)

Tahoma junior Kaitlyn Tran

anything in that class that would be uncomfortable in regular school,” Tahoma junior Kaitlyn Tran said about the Advanced Drama Expeditions.  

Tran has been in the Advanced Drama class since freshman year, and she was interested in acting as early as middle school. “Ever since I started acting, I’ve loved it so much and I join whenever I can,” Tran said. 

I like that I get to play a new person because that character is something I’ve never been,” Tran said, adding that “it’s fun to see how that character interprets things.” 

Tran explained that when she came to Summit Tahoma and learned about the Expeditions courses she learned that drama was offered and signed up for the intro class, “But I guess they put me in advanced – although that was really scary, I was like, okay I’ll deal with it, and I’ve been doing it since freshman year, so three years now.”  

Ron Johnson, the Advanced Drama teacher who started the Drama program at Summit, inspires many young people to follow their passion in acting, including Tran.

Mr. Jay (on the right) leads his Drama students through a vocal warmup.

Mr. Jay would also have classes outside of school, and I would go to those too,” Tran said. “I join whenever I can.” 

The Tahoma Advanced Drama class puts on an original play at the end of every school year; Tran explained that the first two rounds is like the audition process, so Mr. Jay sees how well the students do at interpreting characters and then casts students into the characters from the final play.

Tran said that in the first round of Expeditions, “We chose one [a monologue] and memorize it and use our skills to figure out how we interpret the character and perform that in front of the whole class.” 

Tran has been in two Summit Tahoma plays so far. In freshman year she played the main role in a play about Japanese interment camps, and in sophomore year she had two parts in a play about breakups. She is unsure about her role this year as they are still working on the play.

Tran also shared some of the things she struggles with in acting: “because I’ve learned so


Drama students warm up with an acting game.

much and there’s so many new students, it’s kind of hard to challenge myself because I’m always teaching other people, ” Tran said. “But I’m trying to challenge myself more that’s the challenge.”

She shared that when she first started acting her main challenge was expressing herself: “Back then it was hard for me to open up, and I was really scared to do it, but now I’m fine.”

Acting, even with its ups and downs, is something Tran said she wants to do in the future: “Yes, very much so. There are times where I’m like: Do I really want to do this? This is so hard; this is so challenging and could be a really unstable career, but it’s something I can’t imagine myself not doing.”  

Tran added, “I hope to get more opportunities outside of school and make myself more independent.

DSC_0017 (5)

Students listen to Mr. Jay as he talks about the importance of warmups.

She explained that being independent is very important in acting because you really have to put yourself out there and audition for roles. 

Tran sees acting as an important part of her future. She went on to say, “I just want to be able to go to college and audition [on] the side.” 

When talking about who inspires her in acting, Tran said, “Mr. Jay and Ms. Estrella are my acting mentors.” She went on to talk about people in Hollywood, “A person that really inspires me in Hollywood is Constance Wu,” Tran said.


Asian-American actress Constance Wu PHOTO CREDIT: Popsugar)

Constance Wu is an Asian-American actress who stars in ABC’s “Fresh Off the Boat” and many other shows. “Hearing her story and her talk about Asian-Americans and social media really inspires me,” Tran said. 

When asked about why acting is so popular and influential, Tran said, “It’s really influential because it’s so relatable.” 

Tran said she believes movies that talk about issues that have to do with the LGBTQ community or with race can make it so “others want to learn more. So that’s why they are on TV.”



A fan talks about Rick and Morty Season 3

By Jacob Rattner

Staff Writer

Rick and Morty is an animated science fiction comedy on Adult Swim created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. With Rick and Morty entering its third season and rising in popularity, the show has been trying to walk the line between pleasing fans of the series and attracting new viewers.  Everest senior Spencer Maples is a longtime fan of the show who offered his opinion on Season 3.

1. Why do you watch Rick and Morty?


Everest senior Spencer Maples

“I watch Rick and Morty because it is extremely funny, and I think it is actually very clever with a lot of really funny but at sometimes dark humor.”

2. Why do you like Rick and Morty?

“I really like the show. I think that it really stands out from other tongue-in-cheek cartoons that you would find on Adult Swim. I think it is just on a completely different level. I think that the writers are so much more talented and smarter than the writers you would find in other Adult Swim shows.” 

3. Do you think the show is more than meets the eye and, if it is, what message is it hiding?

“There are moments that occur throughout the series that have very dark themes to them that have something to do with existential crises. I do think however the writers are just trying to tell a very interesting story that will blow your mind,” Maples explained how the dark moments in the show add to the comedy and make the whole show a better experience.

4. Do you think that the writers decided to focus on character growth rather than comedy this season, and is this good for the show?

“I wholeheartedly believe that the most important thing they could be focusing on is character growth, because while Rick and Morty have been able to sell itself as a comedy, I think where we are in Season 3 it’s a blend of good character development and it is extremely funny.” Maples went on to explain how he likes what the writers are doing specifically with the character of Morty and how he has grown and changed throughout the seasons.

5. How has this season compared to past seasons of the show?

“I personally believe that Season 3 of Rick and Morty has been the most impressive season of the show so far. I obviously love season 1 and 2, but I do believe Season 3 has taken the story to places I haven’t seen it go before.”

6. How has the addition of new writers affected the show?

“It has affected the show in a positive way. I think they have nailed it right now. There is a lot of creativity in the concepts of each episode. I often find myself looking at each episode and thinking, ‘How did they come up with this?’ And it’s also still very funny.”

7. Do you think the show should have overarching plots or remain serialized?

“I actually do like the addition of overarching plots. Because I find that with a show like Family Guy the idea of a reset button at the end of every episode works in Family Guy’s favor. I think that in Rick and Morty, it’s more special to think that a thing that happens in Season 1 has relevance in Season 3. That kind of stuff I like and those little callbacks are great additions and I can’t wait to see more of them.”

8. What do you think of the Rick and Morty fanbase?

“I haven’t been super exposed to the fanbase. I do think that some people have taken the series too seriously. It’s really hard to categorize the fanbase: some people watch for the humor, some for the characters and some for the stories. I find most people who I talk to are like me and really like the show.”

9. Has Season 3 lived up to your personal expectations?

“I wouldn’t say this season has lived up to my personal expectations; I would actually say it has exceeded them. I was going into Season 3 expecting something along the same lines as Season 1 and 2 … I found myself throughout this season thinking ‘When are they going to make a bad episode?’ ”

10. Are you going to watch Season 4?

“I will absolutely watch Season 4! I have loved the show so much and I can’t wait to see where it goes.”

Featured image (at the top of this post): Photo credit: Indiewire