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Small tweets come with a big punch

By Hannah Kim K2 Columnist President Trump’s Twitter usage has increased from 58 tweets per week in 2018 to 83 tweets a week since Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced the start of the impeachment proceedings. Though the President’s tweets might seem amusing and harmless due to their informality, they are quite the opposite.  In his study “The age

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DACA affects our community

By Jacob Kahn-Samuelson Staff Writer Donald Trump announced on Sept. 5 that he will not be renewing DACA and instead will let it expire; that decision created an ongoing legal battle that affects hundreds of thousands of immigrants across the United States, including many in San Jose. DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals; those who qualify for DACA

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President Trump’s travel ban affects Bay Area high school students

By Jon Garvin Staff Writer Xenophobia and anti-immigrant rhetoric were themes in Donald Trump’s campaign, and they continue to be topics of discussion as his administration progresses. Early in his term, President Trump and his administration put in place a temporary travel ban. According to the White House, President Trump released a ban on Jan. 27 to block citizens from

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Journalists feel the effect of President Trump’s perception of libel

By Amanda Ramirez Staff Writer Donald Trump might take action on his negative views toward the media by “opening up libel laws” during his presidency. Many times throughout Mr. Trump’s campaign trail, the public has noticed his libel threats upon journalists. One example is from a Donald Trump rally in Fort Worth, Texas on Feb. 26, 2016, which gave insight

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A Trump supporter speaks out

By Leah Cortez Staff Writer Donald Trump recently won an election that has caused many mixed emotions for Americans. Connor Hares, a Donald Trump supporter, is a 17-year-old senior who attends Summit Rainier in San Jose. Outside of school, Hares works at a Togo’s restaurant. 1.   Why do you support Donald Trump? “I support Donald Trump because I agree with his

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PHOTO GALLERY: Summit Rainier students walkout to protest Trump

By Amanda Ramirez Staff Writer More than 150 students from Summit Rainier participated in a peaceful student walkout on Nov. 10 in response to the results of the presidential election. Students walked to voice their support for minority groups who might fear the next four years under Donald Trump’s presidency. Click here for a video piece on the walkout.

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