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Special Education Teachers want to instill positivity and confidence

By McKenna Seegmiller Staff Writer Hillary Odom and Emily Ryan, special education teachers at Summit Shasta, are a vital part of the staff as part of the Supporting Diverse Learners department. However, many might not fully understand the role they play in our community.  When asked about her role at Shasta, Ms. Odom, originally from Orange County, explained that she

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Mentor groups help strengthen Summit Rainier community

By Maritza Aguirre, Cecelia Carrillo, Blanca Melgarejo and Jordan Ricardez Staff Writers Family, friends, community. Where can you find these things? Summit Rainier, a high school in San Jose, uses mentor groups to build community by allowing students to meet and interact with people students normally wouldn’t interact with.  A mentor group is a group of students put together during

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