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BREAKING NEWS: Summit Public Schools announces plan for faculty-wide salary freeze

By Evelyn Archibald Shasta Editor-in-Chief Note: Summit Public Schools is closed for Summer holiday the week of Jun. 29 to Jul. 6. This article was edited to include  emailed statements from CEO Diane Tavenner that were received post-publication. On Thursday, June 25, Summit Public Schools (SPS) announced during a public Zoom board meeting (minutes to be posted) that salaries would

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Students reflect on how effective the Summit Model is in their education

By Ellen Hu, Clara Hung, Jacob Kahn-Samuelson, Hannah Kim and Alex Tananbaum Staff Writers Denali senior Serena Munoz had a difficult choice to make when she graduated from the Denali Middle School in 2016. After experiencing the Summit Model for three years she could either switch to a large public school or continue her high school career at Summit Denali.

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Summit Public Schools needs to communicate clearly with Rainier’s community

By McKayla Castigador Opinion Columnist As a freshman at Rainier, I woke up that morning and came to school like everyone else. I heard that Rainier was closing from my peers, and I didn’t believe it. I immediately thought that they were joking, but that was far from the truth. At that point, my friends and I deeply devoted ourselves

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