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A student offers perspective on homophobia at Denali

By Alaya Scarlett and Ines Villarreal Senzatimore  Staff Writers Many schools struggle with homophobia on campus. Summit Denali High School is no exception. Despite the progressive views that Denali has, many students agree that the subtlety of homophobic comments still makes an impact on the school environment. Sabrina Lee, a sophomore at Summit Denali, spoke on her perspective regarding the

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High school students not taught about the financial curriculum for adulting

By Ruby Balbuena and Taylor Vu Staff Writers High school students aren’t being taught about financial necessities. Summit Denali High School has offered adulting classes in the past, but it no longer does. In the past, many teenagers were taught about finances because it was easy to understand, but now the finance world has become a lot more complicated.  Well

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