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Sociology of Law equips students with the skills to tackle politics

By C.M. Bateman Staff Writer At the heart of most schools’ curriculum, the understanding of social and political issues seems to be suppressed under the demand for students to comprehend Common Core and the push for students’ ability to take standardized tests well. Often, it takes an extreme act of social injustice to spark a conversation about political issues in

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Expeditions experiences help students explore their futures

By Teresa Faasolo Staff Writer Students from Everest Public High School spent the last few weeks of school in their Expeditions classes, where they explored their interests on a personal and professional level. At the end of the year, students showcased their learning to parents and school staff at an event called Celebration of Learning. Here’s some insight from students

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Summit Prep students show their families what they have learned in Expeditions

By Kristian Bekele  Staff Writer   On May 25, Summit Prep students demonstrated all that they have learned to peers and parents in what is known as the Celebration of Learning showcase. From 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., students from the Expeditions classes Education Pathways, College Readiness and Sociology of Law showed off what they learned in the eight weeks

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