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An Introduction to Overlooked American History

By Sarai Carpio-Au Staff Writer   Introduction to Overlooked American History      Hello! My name is Sarai Carpio-Au and I’m a sophomore currently attending Summit Shasta. Throughout quarantine I’ve become greatly educated on our government and the experiences of minorities throughout America’s past. As students and the future I believe that we have the right to learn and to be aware

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Racism within the Latino community harms teens

By Analisa Sofia Perez and Christina Velez Staff Editors As one grows up in the Latino community, the racist things said or supported by family members become increasingly apparent. Whether or not it’s unintentionally ignorant or fueled by hatred of a certain race, it’s offensive to others and shouldn’t be normalized by Latinos. There is a Spanish schoolyard saying, “Chino,

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The coronavirus outbreak is opening wounds of racism and xenophobia

By McKayla Castigador Opinion Columnist The novel coronavirus outbreak is opening the wounds of racism and xenophobia towards Asian people. As an Asian-American girl, my culture has influenced the way I view myself. I never expected that the way I look as an Asian-American would change a person’s interaction with me. At this point of time, the way I look

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