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Intro to Psychology class identifies the science behind human behaviors

By Kyle Kobetsky and Evangeline Si Staff Writers If you’ve ever wondered why your favorite TV show character acts and talks the way they do, the Intro to Psychology Expeditions course covers exactly that. In the Intro to Psychology course, students choose a fictional character and analyze their behaviors and personalities. “We got to study the psychology of our favorite

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Introduction to Psychology explores human behavior

By Katie Scribner and Amanda Yon Staff Writers The Introduction to Psychology Expeditions course is a college-level course that has students explore why people behave the way that they do. The course is taught by Tatyana Rikhter. Students get an overall understanding of human psychology and the reasons people behave the way they do. In this course, students learn about

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Psychology class is a quality new addition to the Tahoma community

By Troy Pansoy and Trevor Wilson Staff Writers In January 2018, during the second session of Expeditions, Summit Public School: Tahoma offered a new psychology option for students who were willing to change their focus mid-year. We went to the new psychology class to learn more about what was being taught and why students were willing to switch to the

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