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What effects are European sanctions having on the Russian economy?

By Akhil Gunasekaran Copy Editor Over the weekend of February 25-28th, a multitude of European sanctions hit Russia and its oligarchs, among which include the exclusion of several Russian banks from the SWIFT Banking system. This Monday morning, the effects of these sanctions have been evident, as the Ruble hit its lowest point in decades, even matching the value of

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Biden faces a tough test in his first 100 days

Albert Chang-Yoo Editor-in-Chief On January 20th, Joe Biden officially entered the office of president. Preceding him, one of the most exhausting election cycle in modern American history. Yet, his biggest challenge lies before him. “Few people in our nation’s history have been more challenged or found a time more challenging or difficult than the time we’re in now,” Biden pronounced

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Summit Briefing: Week of 2/8/21

Hundreds of residents of San Francisco's Chinatown hold red signs and march to protest discrimination against the Chinese community.

Hundreds of San Francisco’s Chinatown protest racism against members of the Chinese community. Violence against the community has increased as a result of COVID-19. Jessica Christian for the San Francisco Chronicle. Your Summit Weekly Briefing   By Alex Tananbaum and Ashwath Vimal    Note: Starting today, briefings will be listed solely in the “Weekly Briefing” section of Summit News as opposed

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Sunnyvale city council members come to Denali to share about city politics in virtual press conferences with student journalists

EDITOR’S NOTE: On Nov.17 and Nov. 30, student journalists from Summit Public School: Denali held a virtual press conference to meet Sunnyvale City Councilmembers Michael Goldman, Glenn Hendricks, Gustav Larsson, and Vice Mayor Nancy Smith. The councilmembers and vice mayor shared their stories on how they found their way into city politics and their goals for the city of Sunnyvale,

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Electoral battle continues in Georgia amidst misinformation and conspiracy

By Evelyn Archibald Shasta Editor-in-Chief The presidential election may have been called for Joe Biden, but one battle continues to rage in Georgia. Two senate seats are up for election, and they may be some of the most important yet.  Candidates Jon Ossoff(D) and incumbent David Perdue(R) are running for one senate seat in Georgia, while candidates Raphael Warnlock(D) and

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Voting by mail in California: a brief guide

By Evelyn Archibald Shasta Editor-in-Chief Many voters this year will be voting by mail-in-ballot for the first time on Election Day on November 3rd, 2020. In California, between COVID-19 still raging with over 760,000 total cases, and the rampant wildfires leaving the air quality unhealthy, voting by mail could be the safest option.  Many states are planning to continue allowing

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Social media: a machine transcending politics

By Hannah Kim Editor-in-Chief Since 1980, statistics have indicated that U.S. presidential candidates with the most campaign funds win the general election. However, in 2016, Republican nominee Donald Trump broke this pattern after securing a presidential victory despite raising 957.6 million dollars in comparison to his opponent’s 1.4 billion. What helped Donald Trump clinch the 2016 U.S. Presidential race? A

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Social media reignites Black Lives Matter Movement after death of George Floyd

By Hannah Kim Staff Writer On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, an African American citizen, died after Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin pinned him down by the neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Video footage of the event released on social media sparked protests globally over claims of police brutality and racial injustice towards African American people.  The large

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Our health crisis could easily become a democracy crisis as well

The state of New York canceled its democratic primary on Monday, April 27. Officials cited the assured nature of the race now that Senator Bernie Sanders has dropped out along with concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic. While this may seem like a reasonable step to take at first, it sets a dangerous precedent and invokes questions over how the coronavirus

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