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Bernie Sanders is the best option for a Democratic nominee

When I began writing this political analysis column, I explained that I believe in the fundamental equality of all people — and our government’s responsibility to protect and serve the public. I attempt to derive all my political decisions from this basic belief. In looking at the world around me, I am sorely disappointed by American society’s failure to adhere

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It’s time to challenge Prop 13 and stop giving corporations free tax breaks

How is it possible that Disneyland pays as little as 5 cents per square foot in property tax on many of its properties, one eighth of the average rate of California homeowners? Enter Prop 13. In 1978, voters passed a constitutional amendment that enacted a variety of limitations on taxation, with a specific focus on property taxes. The law requires

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Republicans feel they can’t openly express political views in the Bay Area

By Soojeong Kim and Eva Weisenfeld Staff Writers   The Bay Area has mild-tempered weather and farm-to-table, organic foods.  It also houses three of the top tech companies of the world. Where minorities, same-sex marriages and transgender people are accepted and embraced. People in the Bay are totally open-minded: where else can you order a grande soy vanilla latte, two

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California Assemblymember Marc Berman welcomes student voices at first Youth Town Hall

By Ellen Hu Denali Editor-in-Chief California Assemblymember Marc Berman held his first Youth Town Hall at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale earlier today.  Attendees were welcomed at the school cafeteria with a cup of boba and a seat in the audience. Throughout the event, Rep. Berman answered their questions about issues ranging from single-use plastics to Silicon Valley’s big tech

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Sunnyvale City Councilmembers visit Denali student journalists

EDITOR’S NOTE: On Oct. 22, Sunnyvale City Councilmembers Nancy Smith and Michael S. Goldman, along with Mayor Larry Klein, came to Summit Public School: Denali for a press conference with Summit News staff writers. Sunnyvale seeks to improve transportation By Ruby Balbuena, Nathan Pruitt and Natasha Reinitz Staff Writers The Sunnyvale City Council is proposing multiple reforms to ease the

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Tahoma community members share opinions on the 2020 election

By Yasmeen Ali, Kainoa Garo and Ian Vu Staff Writers Many people from Summit Tahoma, a charter school in San Jose, show strong opinions on the upcoming 2020 presidential election. Many teachers and students have knowledge about the candidates; Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris appear to be inspiring the most interest so far.  As of Oct.

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