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Finding beauty and building relationships during quarantine

By Alina Raykovich Staff Writer Over the past two months during quarantine, I have been finding ways to busy myself. I have been taking numerous assessments, watching Netflix and taking photos. Through these activities and the trips that I’ve taken with my family, I’ve developed an appreciation for the beauty of our world and grown closer to the people around

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Finding ways to maintain normality during a global pandemic

By Justin Lin Staff Writer For the past two months, I have been stuck at home during a global pandemic. I’ve found that it’s important to keep finding joy amidst this crisis. To do this, I’ve been finding ways to continue learning, exercising, keeping entertained and doing the things I need to do. Left: I continue to get daily exercise

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PHOTO ESSAY: Community members advocate for equality in the Women’s March

By Judy Ly Rainier Editor-in-Chief Unlike any other casual Saturday, thousands of people were connected with the same value: equality. After gathering at San Jose City Hall, families and friends make their way through Downtown San Jose for the Women’s March: Our Power Counts. Poster: “Save our democracy. I’m in the Senate.” After going by “accident” last year, Michaela Motch

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