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Course puts students through the behind the scenes magic of filming

By Judy Ly

Staff Writer

In the Video Production Expeditions course, students have the opportunity to explore the process of producing a film.  Through projects, such as creating a mockumentary and a silent film, students get to explore different roles and different perspectives on the behind the scenes magic.  Students are able to act as a director, a camera operator, a scriptwriter or an actor.

When asked what takeaway he had from this class, Rainier freshman Andrew Pescatore said, “Well, I learn how movies are made … with, like, different shots.” He followed his answer with fundamentals he learned about what goes into a film, such as different shots, good lighting and the rule of thirds.


Video Production shows the community how they film a scene at their Celebration of Learning showcase.

For the Celebration of Learning project, instructor Vincent Nelson decided to include family and friends as part of a short skit, taking place in a student council election. Members of the community acted as the audience for the shoot. Instead of just watching videos made from previous projects, this allowed them to see how students would’ve made the video.

See below for a video about this course:

The Emoji Movie is the worst movie of 2017

By Rae Frescas

Staff Writer

The Emoji Movie is a movie about a “meh” emoji named Gene who can’t make the face he is supposed to. Throughout the movie, this emoji goes through a “journey of truth,” trying to fight against what he is supposed to be.

Let me just say that this movie is stupid. First off, the movie is about emojis, which really aren’t relevant in real life. They are just things on our phones; and, no matter what other people say, that’s it. Some people do not even know what they are, and others, such as myself, do not care.

I feel that the people who made this movie were so desperate to earn money that they made an entire movie and tried to create a “meaning” behind something that is useless.

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Editor talks about Video Production

By Arnold Pravong 

Staff Writer

Amelia Wolfson, a Summit Tahoma freshman, is a video editor for the Video Production class. This class is an elective course (called Expeditions at Summit Public Schools). Expeditions are two-week blocks of elective classes, which occur four times a school year. In Video Production, students learn how to write and produce films.

See below for a video of Wolfson describing her experience in the class: