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Nature is a place of tranquility during hectic times

By Albert Chang-Yoo Staff Editor Isolating at home, either by yourself or with family, can be extremely challenging. Now, more than ever, it’s extremely important to make sure we take a break from the stress of life.  Being in nature has routinely been proven to stimulate mental health and reduce anxiety. I know not everyone lives near green spaces, but

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Republicans feel they can’t openly express political views in the Bay Area

By Soojeong Kim and Eva Weisenfeld Staff Writers   The Bay Area has mild-tempered weather and farm-to-table, organic foods.  It also houses three of the top tech companies of the world. Where minorities, same-sex marriages and transgender people are accepted and embraced. People in the Bay are totally open-minded: where else can you order a grande soy vanilla latte, two

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