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Human Rights class introduces students to current problems and solutions

By Polina Runova

Staff Writer

The Expeditions course Human Rights is about “helping students become aware about the different human rights that we have,” instructor Angel Barragan said. He also said the course is “talking about the way that [human rights] are not being done or that they are being violated in some way.”

The course addresses many past and present problems concerning a variety of human rights. Students are introduced to current issues and what action they can take to advocate. “A lot of current epidemics in America are related to human rights,” Lilith Flowers, a sophomore at Tahoma, added. “There’s a lot there that I didn’t really know.”

Students in the class use documentaries, conversations and research to learn about the violation of basic human rights. The class is taught in a way that makes different issues become more relatable to the students. Immigration, homelessness and police brutality are all topics the class covers.

“It’s a very open class,” Miranda Sigala, a freshman at Tahoma, said. She mentioned how students are welcomed “with open arms.” Despite the tough material, students say they feel welcome in the class. “I felt very comfortable here,” Sigala said.

“What I really hope the students get out of this is just an immense amount of awareness,” Mr. Barragan said. “If students are able to just remember some of the lessons that we taught in this class, or make sure that they just can’t look away when injustice happens, that will make me very happy.”

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Human Rights creates awareness amongst students

By Analisa Sofia Perez and Christina Velez

Staff Writers

During Expeditions at Summit Rainier, students are always provided a space to learn and express themselves. Through the Human Rights course, these students are given the opportunity to learn about not only the issues that affect them, but also the ones that affect our society.

When asked what the course is, Human Rights teacher Angel Barragan said, “Human Rights is basically a look into the human rights that we have and ways in which they have been violated in some way or another.” He insists that it’s a very important course and that “everyone should at some point have to go through one of these classes.”

The Human Rights course teaches students about their basic human rights and how to identify the ones being violated. They mainly focus on three topics: immigration, homelessness and police brutality.

Rainier freshman Jacqueline Martinez said that Human Rights has made her more aware of the things happening in the world. She said the course helped educate her on doing the right thing and “sticking up” for herself and others.

The Human Rights course isn’t about educating students on one subject; it’s about making them aware of issues surrounding the whole community. Mr. Barragan said, “I think it’s raising awareness … that there are issues right now that are hurting people in our communities and that we need to do something to fix that issue.”

Rainier freshman Esmeralda Heredia said that the course helped her become more mature and aware: “I definitely think it was a good course to start off the year with because it definitely introduced me to high school … it helped me mature.”

“I think everyone should be taking Human Rights in one way or another,” Mr. Barragan said. “So we can get to a point where there isn’t a single student that can walk out of our schools and say that they don’t know that there are human rights being violated in this country and that we need to do something about it.”

When asked what he wants his students to leave with after Expeditions, Mr. Barragan said, “I want students to realize that they have a voice and they have power individually to make some type of change. I know that it seems hard lately, especially with so much happening in the world, but I really want every single student to realize that even as an individual you can raise awareness.”

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Expeditions course discusses human rights and relevant, real-world issues

By Ethaniel Reyes

Staff Writer

Roger Nash Baldwin, a founder of the American Civil Liberties Union, once said that “silence never won rights. They are not handed down from above; they are forced by pressures from below.”

Summit Shasta follows this principle by allowing students to take an Expeditions course on Human Rights. Taught by Zoe Marinkovich, this course is about “first, understanding human rights on an international level, and then [diving] into how those human rights are applied in the United States.” These applications include the issues of immigration, homelessness, as well as police brutality.

The Human Rights course explores the use of different presentation strategies in the projects. Shasta freshman Harrison Le talked about the use of documentaries, films or “sometimes just [presenting] our work to the class.”

Ms. Marinkovich also said that a new course known as International Human Rights will be available to Summit students as another UC-approved Expeditions course. Ms. Marinkovich said that this course should be taken by students who are interested in things such as “women’s rights, LGBT rights, the environment, indigenous rights, or learning more about genocide.” This Expeditions course will be available to students in the new 2019-20 school year.

“I barely knew my human rights,” Shasta junior Samantha Matamoros said, regarding her knowledge before took the class. Right now, she feels that the class informs students about important issues that are happening today. “You’re just learning stuff that are so relevant right now in, like, the world … and I feel like that’s important for people at a young age to know what’s going on around them.”

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