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Youth writes about the ignored side of the homeless population

By Giselle Alejo, Judy Ly, Jeana Rose Meneses and Pauline Valezquez Staff Writers Many of us are guilty of making assumptions about people before taking the time to get to know them; however, Isabella Zou, a senior at Westlake High School in Austin works to enlighten her community about the real people of the homeless community. She described the overarching stereotype

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Booming Silicon Valley confronts cold reality of homelessness

By Giselle Alejo, Michonni Hughes, Judy Ly, Jeana Rose Meneses and Pauline Velazquez Staff Writers Shantel Montoya, a rapid rehousing case manager at HomeFirst, reminisced fondly on the time she reached out to a woman who was resistant of getting assistance from any services. While she tried endlessly to gain the woman’s trust, she was met time and time again

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