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Overlooked American History: The Black Wall Street Massacre & I-Hotel Evictions

By Sarai Carpio-Au Staff Writer After reading about the horrific crimes of Christopher Columbus and the immensely unfair treatment to the Native Americans, American history has hidden so much. It’s hard to say there’s more hidden mass killings, the government forcing communities out of their homes, and violation of citizen’s basic human rights. As the government and the American school

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An Introduction to Overlooked American History

By Sarai Carpio-Au Staff Writer   Introduction to Overlooked American History      Hello! My name is Sarai Carpio-Au and I’m a sophomore currently attending Summit Shasta. Throughout quarantine I’ve become greatly educated on our government and the experiences of minorities throughout America’s past. As students and the future I believe that we have the right to learn and to be aware

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“Sapiens” is a book deserving more recognition

By Joseph Dieckmann Staff Writer Human beings (members of the genus Homo) have existed for about 2.4 million years. Homo sapiens, our own wildly outrageous species of great apes, has only existed for 6% of that time – about 150,000 years.  So a book whose main title is “Sapiens” shouldn’t be subtitled “A Brief History of Humankind.” It’s easy to

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