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Wellness and Movement helps Summit Tahoma stay healthy

By Will Butler

Staff Writer

Now, more than ever, students of all ages are eating unhealthy diets, and that has caused an obesity epidemic in America.  A new course at Summit Tahoma, which was introduced during the second round of Expeditions, is Wellness and Movement, taught by Danielle Redlin. The course is focused on teaching good eating habits, learning about certain food health benefits and doing daily exercise.


Wellness and Movement students practice yoga. 

On the second day, students watched a Netflix documentary called “Forks Over Knives” about the food industry, how it pollutes the earth and how much it affects animals.

In addition to learning about healthy eating, students also completed yoga practices.


Danielle Redlin leads the students through yoga. 

Ms. Redlin said, “We usually start out the class with either starting or working on a unit – health-related – and then we do movement, whether it is yoga, Pilates, or a cardio workout.”

She said her goal by the end of Expeditions is that students “have a better perspective and understanding of how to be a healthy human being.”

As the obesity epidemic in America continues, Ms. Redlin feels it is important to teach students to eat healthy and to learn about what they are eating. She explained, “There needs to be an overall heavy focus on health and movement in all high schools, especially since kids at this age are starting to get more responsibilities for cooking and eating on their own; but, a lot of times, I don’t feel like they have enough support in making the best decisions for their health because they haven’t been taught a lot of times what is healthy and what is not healthy.”


Tahoma sophomore Derick Ibarra

Tahoma sophomore Derick Ibarra said the most important thing he has learned from the class was “E-coli, because it was a very bad disease, and a lot of kids were affected by it from eating a lot of hamburgers and a lot of processed products.”


Tahoma sophomore Jasdeep Sing said his favorite part of class is yoga. “[It] helps me get energized for the rest of the day,” Sing explained. He added that the most important thing he has learned is that “to lose weight you don’t have to eat pills or do all of the other extra stuff – just eat whole foods, plain and simple.”



Wellness and Movement students continue their yoga practice.



Sing said Summit Tahoma should add some sort of healthy eating information to the curriculum because there is currently an obesity epidemic in America. “People eat a lot of junk food and don’t know the outcome of them eating it,” he said. “So they need to be informed and change all [these] bad eating habits.”

The Wellness and Movement course has a lot more to offer than just simple eating tips and exercises. While it can help students learn about foods and teach them what is healthy and not healthy to eat, it can also help them live a healthier, happier life.


Prep students showcase the real-world skills they’ve learned during Expeditions

By Micah Tam

Staff Writer 

On May 25, Summit Preparatory Charter High School had a Celebration of Learning in which students got the chance to exhibit the life skills they acquired during Expeditions. Among the selection of Expedition courses that offer different learning opportunities from content knowledge to the arts, there are also courses that teach life skills that benefit students outside of school.


For the last two rounds of Expeditions, students had the chance to go to the Riekes Center in Redwood City where they were able to workout, play basketball, learn yoga, play instruments and explore unknown talents. While learning these different skills and hobbies, they were taught by specialized coaches who work at the Riekes Center to help and support the students. Two lead Riekes Center coaches attended the Celebration of Learning hosted at Summit Prep.


Lead coaches Gabriel Risk Martin and Alex Booher show a video explaining what they did at the Riekes Center. 


Melissa Bernstein, who teaches the Wilderness Expeditions course, said she wants students to learn “how to take care of yourself and how to be healthy, so if any of the kids have an interest in going backpacking, they’ll know how to take care of issues by themselves.” She said the course was a “good intro for them, but we could really use more time for them to really get comfortable with the system,” explaining “the only problem is that we were rushing. The class that I was teaching them is actually 80 hours of course material, and we didn’t have 80 hours, so in order to get a really complete practice it would take longer than the time that we have in Expeditions.”


Summit Prep freshman Tara DuBridge

For the Celebration of Learning, each group had to make a video on a certain wilderness injury. “Our group is doing wounds and cuts, like operations and stuff like that, so we have to make a video on how to treat it,” Summit Prep freshman Tara DuBridge said. “It’s important to know how to treat these kinds of injuries ‘cause it could happen anytime, and so it’s important to be prepared.” She added that the project was challenging. “It was pretty hard to remember the steps that you had to do because it’s a pretty long process, and so it was hard to memorize it and do the video.”


Summit Prep freshman Tara DuBridge worked with her group to make this video about treating wounds and cuts in the wilderness.



Summit Prep freshman Ethan Sheppy


Summit Prep freshman Ethan Sheppy and his group did their project on shoulder and finger dislocations. “This is a very helpful skill ‘cause if you’re out hiking and your friend injures himself really bad, you have to know how to help them,” he said, adding, “I liked this Expedition, it was very enjoyable.” To view his group’s video, click this link.





The audience watches wilderness first-aid videos during Celebration of Learning.

Food For Thought

Food for Thought is a new Expeditions class this school year, and it has gotten great responses from students enrolled. Shaan Johal, a freshman at Summit Prep, recommends that everyone take this class because it provides good information to benefit your health.

Summit Prep freshman Casper Lyback explained that their Celebration of Learning project was to film a video about a certain dish and how to make it. “This project is also about showing creativity,” he said, adding that the class allowed the students to express themselves through food. The final project was “quite interesting and the end product was quite delicious.”

Brooke Hein, who teaches Food for Thought, explained that food affects everyone. “Young people need to analyze what they put in their body, and we need to encourage them to think critically about what they eat.”

Each class voted for a winning video. Here is the link for the winner in the morning class. Here is the link for the winner in the afternoon class.

Food for Thought teacher Brooke Hein announces the winners of her class video contest. 


Students walk in to greet Ms. Hein as well as enjoy the videos made by Food for Thought students.


The audience enjoys the cooking videos made by Food for Thought students.

Staff Writers Kai Lock, Yesenia Lopez and Tyler McGuire contributed to this report.