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Video Production students collaborate to make films

By Juan Ambrosio, Osvaldo Ayala and Brayan Lozano

Staff Writers

The Expeditions course Video Production is a class were you learn about filmmaking. In this class, students make short films every Expeditions round; students are able to pick their topic for most of the films they make, but the teacher assigns work groups. 

Vincent Nelson, the Video Production teacher, is in his third year teaching at Summit Rainier. Every experience he gets to teach at this school, he enjoys it more and more. Mr. Nelson is very excited to continue teaching at Summit, and he looks forward to his future in filmmaking.

Rainier freshman Landon Garcia said he has learned a lot about filming; one technique he has learned and mastered was the rule of thirds. He has enjoyed filming and learning new film techniques with his friends.

Rainier sophomore Hannah Kuo is in her first year learning about film; ever since her group made their first film, she fell in love with filming and learning new techniques. Kuo is thinking of continuing to develop her love for film and is considering taking the advanced version of Video Production next year. She really enjoys the way Mr. Nelson teaches the class.

See below for a video of the Video Production course:

Shasta Art Expeditions impacts the lives of students

By Kalysta Frost and Sophia Woehl

Staff Writers

Here at Summit Public Schools: Shasta, the Intermediate Visual Arts and the Intro to Visual Arts teacher is Meridith Burchiel, and the Intro to Video Production teacher is Vincent Nelson. In these classes, students work on making videos, scripts, drawings, paintings and being creative.

Summit Public Schools has six different art and design Expeditions this year, and students are required to take at least one in their four years at a Summit school. Many students who take art and design classes find themselves enjoying the projects, the teachers and the ability to express themselves.

During this round, students in the Intro to Video Production class are making public service announcements related to sexual health. In Intermediate Visual Arts, students are creating their own logo and learning how to print them onto tote bags. In Intro to Visual Arts, students are making portable murals and learning about street art.

Some students have experience before taking their art classes and take these Expeditions to improve their skills, like Shasta sophomore Alexa Huaman.

Huaman said, “I’ve been interested in art ever since I was really little.”

Some students take these classes with no prior experience, but they learn how anyone can produce something inspiring. Kathryn Currier-Herzallah is a Shasta junior and an Intermediate Visual Arts student who gained a greater understanding of what she was capable of after taking an art Expedition.

Art has always been something I’ve been interested in, but I didn’t always feel like like I was super good at it,” Currier-Herzallah said.

Learning and creating art also impacts the everyday lives of students, sometimes in a big way. Students have become more confident in their art skills and in themselves.

Shasta sophomore Travis Hamilton, in the Intermediate Visual Arts class, said creating and learning about art has made my life more fun.”

The art teachers also want students to take away important lessons about art and more.

Mr. Nelson said, “So, at the end of the day, what I want them to take away is the tools that they need to get a job in the real world, and hopefully have fun too.”

Ms. Burchiel also had something to say about what students learn in her class: “I want students to take away from my class knowing that they can make anything if they want to make it, and I want them to take away the feeling of having found something that really speaks to them.”

Students’ attitudes can also change when they are creating something unique. They can become more calm, focused and happy.

Aiden Regodon is a Shasta freshman taking Intro to Video Production. He said taking this class “makes me feel like I’m the best photographer in my family” and “it just inspires me to keep going in doing that Expedition.”

These classes change students, and the teachers really make an impact; after taking these classes, some students have also considered a career in the arts.

Huaman said, “In middle school, I considered being a graphic designer, like making video games and 3D models and stuff like that. In high school, I was thinking about doing animation.”

Ethan Pang, a Shasta sophomore in Intermediate Visual Arts, said, “I think that I could see myself being like a graphic designer or an illustrator.”

See below for a look at the art Expeditions at Shasta:

Course puts students through the behind the scenes magic of filming

By Judy Ly

Staff Writer

In the Video Production Expeditions course, students have the opportunity to explore the process of producing a film.  Through projects, such as creating a mockumentary and a silent film, students get to explore different roles and different perspectives on the behind the scenes magic.  Students are able to act as a director, a camera operator, a scriptwriter or an actor.

When asked what takeaway he had from this class, Rainier freshman Andrew Pescatore said, “Well, I learn how movies are made … with, like, different shots.” He followed his answer with fundamentals he learned about what goes into a film, such as different shots, good lighting and the rule of thirds.


Video Production shows the community how they film a scene at their Celebration of Learning showcase.

For the Celebration of Learning project, instructor Vincent Nelson decided to include family and friends as part of a short skit, taking place in a student council election. Members of the community acted as the audience for the shoot. Instead of just watching videos made from previous projects, this allowed them to see how students would’ve made the video.

See below for a video about this course:

Students practice different aspects of filmmaking

By Jon Garvin and Kai Lock

Staff Editors

Acting, screenwriting, directing and many more tools are taught to students in the Intro to Video Production course, which is offered by the Summit Expeditions team. Students who take the course learn different parts of filmmaking.

Vincent Nelson, the Intro to Video Production teacher, explained: “In my class, we make short films. Every week it’s a different project, so it can be like a mockumentary, documentary. It can be animation, for clay animation stuff. It can be a drama, a comedy, a film noir, whatever you want.”

See below for a video about the course:

Featured Image (at the top of this post): Summit Prep sophomore Osmar Ortiz and freshman Vanessa Carrillo act in their mockumentary.