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Fast fashion harms the earth, so how can we stop it?

By Alex Diaz Arts Editor With the growing interest in fashion everywhere, companies have grown more and more unethical with the sourcing of their products, often at the cost of the environment. Before the Industrial Revolution, people had to make their clothes themselves by growing products, sewing them together, and reusing them. However, since then, factories have taken over, making

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Y2K comes back, let’s talk about it

By Laurene Karajah Staff Writer Y2K Comes Back. Let’s Talk About it.  The early 2000s: Low rise jeans, thongs, baby tees, tiny sunglasses, tiny purses. To average teens at the time, it was the Holy Grail of Fashion. Paris Hilton, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Naomi Campbell and more, were the goddesses.  Teenagers now are bringing back the 2000s. The reactions to

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The demographics of thrift shoppers have shifted in the past decade

By Jon Garvin and Eliza Insley Prep Editors-in-Chief Throughout the past decade, thrifting has transitioned from being a way to buy affordable clothes into a trend for young people to buy vintage and hip clothing. This new trend brings about lots of environmental benefits since it involves recycling clothes. Thrifting has become a very prominent trend in pop culture. It

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