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The Women’s March is about more than just feminism

By Grace Pham

Staff Writer

Millions of people worldwide united for the Women’s March on Jan. 21. People were at the march not only to support gender equality, but also to support causes such as immigration reform and the Black Lives Matter Movement. Expeditions teachers Noelle Easterday, Aaron Calvert and Lissa Thiele attended the Jan. 21 Women’s March from three different locations: Washington D.C, San Francisco and San Jose. Below are their different stories and perspectives from that day.  

In Their Eyes


Noelle Easterday, Expeditions teacher

Noelle Easterday, an Anthropology teacher for the Expeditions team, went to the Women’s March in Washington, D.C.

“I was there as a member of a coalition of people concerned, not just about one issue, but about the general state of fear that many people in the U.S. are in with this new administration,” Easterday said. “It includes women’s rights, anti-xenophobia, supporting science, protecting public lands and supporting love in all its forms.”

“The goal of the march was to  send a clear message to both Congress and the new presidential administration that we are not going to stand by quietly and be complicit in the oppression of people in the U.S.”

Educator Ms. Thiele

Lissa Thiele, Expeditions teacher PHOTO CREDIT: C. M. Bateman

Lissa Thiele, the Holocaust teacher for the Expeditions team, attended the Women’s March in Downtown San Jose and stated, “I was there because my grandmothers never lived long to see something like this. I was there representing family members that were no longer alive, but I never thought that women would take to the streets and protest the way they did.”

“I did it for all the women that can’t do it,” Thiele said. “It’s so important to come together on these issues that I think it’s not a bipartisan type of thing; it’s not a Republican-Democrat thing; it’s a human thing.”

Ms. Thiele said the goal of the march “was to put a center focus on women and to be able to come together in a peaceful way and I think to unify together.”


Aaron Calvert, Expeditions teacher

Aaron Calvert, an Entrepreneurship teacher for the Expeditions team, attended the Women’s March in San Francisco.

“I attended because I oppose Donald Trump’s policies and rhetoric against minority groups. I support the right of all people to protest against the racist and sexist language that Trump used and believes in. I don’t agree with his hateful vision of what America is,” Mr. Calvert said.

“I can only hope that the sheer number of protesters registered on the nation’s, and Trump’s, consciousness. A lot of people are worried about what Trump’s presidency will mean for women’s rights, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ rights, immigrants’ rights, Muslims’ rights, and the environment. By protesting and raising awareness for these concerns, the members of the protest hope to change the nation’s conversation on these issues. Members of the protest want to build a collective, intersectional group to promote and protect the rights of all people. At this point in time, I do not think we can measure the impact yet; it is just too soon.”

Mr. Calvert said the San Francisco Women’s March served a purpose: “The motivating event for the march was the election of Donald Trump. Many people were upset and worried that Trump would enact restrictive and punitive laws against a variety of groups of people. There was no one single issue that all protesters supported; it was a coalition of groups who support each other and oppose Donald Trump’s policies.”

Women's March on DC 61

Expeditions teacher Noelle Easterday traveled to D.C. for the Women’s March on Jan. 21.

Featured image (at the top of this post): Women’s March participants in San Francisco rallied to support many causes. PHOTO CREDIT: Aaron Calvert

Summit Preparatory Charter High School celebrates International Women’s Day

By Kristian Bekele and Micah Tam

Staff Writers 

On March 8, 2017, Summit Preparatory Charter High School honored the women who have changed our lives as a way to join the conversation sparked by the observance of International Women’s Day. This day is meant to celebrate all the accomplishments that women have brought toward the advancement of the world.

Teachers from Summit’s Expeditions team coordinated different workshops to highlight women’s rights and to show appreciation for women by having students learn about feminism and discuss the struggles that women still face in our society.

A poster in Room 16 shows appreciation to the “superwomen” in students’ everyday lives.
During one workshop, students were asked to write down male and female stereotypes on sticky notes in order to identify existing social constructs.
Summit Prep juniors Talia Herzberg, Anna Becker, Rasmia Shuman and Sophia Demarais show their pride by wearing red.
In Room 1, students watched a video showcasing sexism in Hollywood.
Outside of Room 11, posters placed on the wall inform the community about International Women’s Day, the #DayWithoutAWoman movement and the Women’s March.

Aaron Calvert, who teaches Entrepreneurship for the Expeditions team, shares his views on gender equality and shows appreciation to the strong women in his life.

Lissa Thiele, who teaches a course on the Holocaust and genocide and a Sociology of Law course for the Expeditions Team, shares her knowledge about female partisans during the Holocaust.

Ms. Thiele continues her discussion of female resistance figures during the Holocaust.

Brooke Hein, who teaches a course called Food for Thought for the Expeditions Team, shares a personal anecdote about how she realized her privilege when she stayed in Mozambique during her time in the Peace Corps.

Featured Image (at the top of this post): Summit Prep seniors Stephany Flores, Alexandra Garcia, and Giselle Canseco dress in red to show their pride on International Women’s Day. 


Summit Prep students seek to define feminism

Summit Prep students seek to define feminism

By Darren C. D’avila
Staff Writer

To honor International Women’s Day, students at Summit Preparatory Charter High School participated in workshops in order to add their voices to the discussion raised by the #IWD2017 #BeBoldforChange movement.

Melissa Bernstein, who teaches Wilderness for the Expeditions team, and Elizabeth DeOrnellas, who teaches Journalism and Creative Writing for the Expeditions team, facilitated a workshop on intersectional feminism. Presentation materials can be found here.

At the end of the workshop, students created signs showcasing their definition of feminism. Here’s a selection:

IWD2017 signs 4IWD2017 signs 3IWD2017 signs 2IWD2017 signs 1


Summit Preparatory Charter High School celebrates International Women’s Day