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Entrepreneurship gives students a look into business

By Alan Rivera

Staff Writer

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have all found success through big business. Their examples have encouraged people to follow in their paths through the creation of their own companies, and Denali students are given a first-hand look at the needed skills to do so in the Entrepreneurship Expeditions course, which teaches students how they can start and run businesses while creating their own products.

“We basically learn business stuff: like how to manage your money, and how you hire employees and how you pay the employees like the monthly wages,” Denali sophomore Xavier Eusty said.

Denali sophomore Stevian Arguello said understanding and using gross profit plays a large role in the course. “I can help people when they’re stuck or if they need a certain type of equation to figure out something like gross profit,” he explained.

See below for a video about the Entrepreneurship course:

Entrepreneurship provides students with a better future

By Yasmeen Ali and Aurylina Nguyen

Staff Writers

Summit Tahoma provides an Entrepreneurship course for students where they use their creativity to create their own establishment and also pitch their business to make it official.

Aaron Calvert, the teacher of the Entrepreneurship course, said, “Entrepreneurship is taking ownership of your idea and growing it and [entrepreneurship] helps solve a person’s problem as well as their wants or needs.”

The Entrepreneurship course uses a variety of activities that involve creative problem solving and a guide to creating your own business. With the knowledge of these activities, students have a better understanding of business in the future. Once students have a plan for their business, they present their ideas to investors, and, if the investors like the idea, students be able to make their business official.

Tahoma sophomore Kenny Tran mentioned the class “will help me in the future by starting a business or help me with my job. It will also help me in the future when I have to pay taxes, etc.”

Entrepreneurship is a class for everyone with a strong passion for a better future and a touch of hard work, as well as anyone with imagination. Students can grow because of the entrepreneurship class, the community of the classroom and the teacher.

According to Mr. Calvert, success is never a set in stone; however, as long as student try, learn and grow from their mistakes, they will not only grow as an entrepreneur but as a person.

See below for a video about the Entrepreneurship course:

Entrepreneurship teaches students to freely create

By Melissa Domingo and Mytrisha Sarmiento

Staff Writers

Entrepreneurship is an Expeditions course that teaches students how to start a business, negotiate and overall become successful with their own startups. The class consists of creating products and advertising these products to people who would be interested in buying them.

Danica Lyming, the Entrepreneurship Expeditions teacher, said, “[Students] basically learn how to make your own product or service. You make it; you advertise it; you pitch it at a competition and potentially win money.”

Shasta freshman Javier Gomez talked about the creative freedom Ms. Lyming gives them as they create their products. He said, “You can make anything; she lets you run wild with that idea.”

See below for a video about the Entrepreneurship course:

Entrepreneurship teaches students about business

By Steven Poltorak

Staff Writer

The purpose of the Entrepreneurship course is to teach students about the fundamentals of business and to impart more understanding about entrepreneurs around the world. This course allows students to be creative in creating product ideas, individual business plans and Shark Tank pitches.

For the Celebration of Learning project, students created their own Shark Tank pitch, where students presented their individual business plan to visiting adults and tried to receive an investment from them (in the form of Summit paper bills). If a student received bills, this meant that student presented their pitch persuasively and gained potential investors.

“I enjoy that it’s teaching me skills that I can actually use in my life if I choose to start a business or not,” Summit Prep sophomore Josh Tanouye said.

To learn more about this course, watch this video: 


Entrepreneurship class influences young minds

By Benjamin Arts and Kunal Puri

Staff Writers

At Summit Public School: Tahoma, a class is establishing new entrepreneurs. Here students use their creative skills and learn how to create their own businesses.

Aaron Calvert, the teacher, stated, “I had my background in Business Education, and, at Summit, I had the chance to teach something that I love – Entrepreneurship!” 

Entrepreneurship Teacher – Aaron Calvert

The class consists of a variety of immersive activities, including lectures from business professionals, creative problem solving and a step-by-step guide to creating your own enterprise. All of these activities help contribute to students’ further knowledge of business.

Once students have configured their business, they will be able to present their business idea to investors and maybe even start off their enterprise. This competition is run through NFTE, the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

Tahoma sophomore Benjamin Arts, who took the course last year, stated, “I started my own business, a YouTube channel, which has changed my life vastly. Now, almost every day I post a video, and I enjoy making it and I think people enjoy watching it too.” This demonstrates how entrepreneurship changes students’ lives and how it has influenced Arts to work on something different in his life.

Entrepreneurship can change a person’s life. In Arts’ case, he started up a business and is still going with that. He gained knowledge on how to start up a business and will maybe even do it for the rest of his life.

Tahoma senior Ryan Guyton said the hardest aspect of the class is “the creativity part of it. The class pushes us to think of an original idea and come up with something that can change our life!” Entrepreneurship pushes students to think of an original idea that could lead them in the path of being self-employed.

Image result for shark tank

Shark Tank is often used as inspiration during class.

Living in Silicon Valley, the technology capital of the world, everyone needs to succeed, and what better way to do it than by creating your own business? Having your own idea that stands out from the rest can be the thing you need to prosper.

Entrepreneurship is a class accessible to everyone, and, with a dash of hard work, vast imagination and a love for Shark Tank, anyone is able to succeed because of the class community and the supportive teacher.

See below for a video piece about the course:

Students explore career options through Expeditions courses

By Jennifer Valencia 

Staff Writer 

At Everest Public High School, Celebration of Learning is a time to showcase all of the work and effort that has been put forward in the Expeditions courses. Students get to show their parents how they have worked hard toward their personal passions and interests.


Entrepreneurship is a course that teaches students how a business is started and how it can operate, especially here in the Silicon Valley. This course is taught by Vivy Chao. Throughout the course of the year, students learn how to create, start and manage their own business. For Celebration of Learning, the Entrepreneurship students showcased what they did in their class by selling what they had created as a business throughout the year. There was food for sale, as well as coffee, handmade cards and even woodcut dragons.


Daine Becerra Garcia, an Everest sophomore, decided to sell fruit cups with her friend, and fellow sophomore, Martha Torres. Becerra, when asked what she liked about the class, said, “It gives us an idea of what building a company or business can be like, which is fun.”  

Below is a slideshow displaying what other students decided to sell for Celebration of Learning:

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Independent Study 

Independent Study is a course where students can choose a passion of theirs and pursue it. These students check in throughout Expeditions with their supervisor to discuss the progression of their project. During Independent Study, students pick something that they are passionate about. Then they create checkpoints, resources and a final product all on their own.

Here is a look at a few of the Everest Independent Study projects:

Everest junior Shivani Patel (above left) and senior Katie Takemoto (above right) created art as part of the Independent Study program at Everest. They put photo portraits all over the staff lounge walls. Takemoto said, “We recreated makeup and fashion trends from the decades and photographed them.”

Below is a slideshow of Patel and Takemoto’s fashion photography:

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David Nathan Twersky, a sophomore at Everest, studied for the AP Calculus BC test by looking over the material and then taking the exam. He said, “We went through course material, read the summary, worked with seniors on the topic, took the test and are waiting for the results.”


Nico Levy, a freshmen at Everest, wrote the school mission statement in calligraphy as his final product for his Independent Study. “I wrote the school mission in calligraphy and put a frame around it,” he explained. 

 Staff Writers Alfredo Lanuza and Mako Oshiro contributed to this article. 

Business Expeditions wrap up the year with Celebration of Learning presentations

By Eliza Insley

Staff Writer

Celebration of Learning is an annual showcase of all the work done in the Expeditions courses. These three Expeditions, Internship, Entrepreneurship, and Computer Science, all explore different aspects of business.


During the Internship Expedition, sophomore and senior students have the opportunity to do an off-campus internship for local organizations and then give a presentation discussing their experience and skills learned. These internships let students explore their interests in a variety of work environments, get ideas about what they want to pursue in college or as a career and gain work experience.


Summit Prep seniors Jacyn Schmidt and James Bamford explain how they got to experience both being out in nature and being in an office environment during their internship at the United States Geology Survey.


Jesse Uiterwijk, a Summit Prep sophomore, talks about his internship at San Jose Jazz and what the organization does.


Summit Prep senior Tom Chu talks about his daily schedule and commute to his internship at the Midpen Media Center.


Entrepreneurship is another one of the Expeditions courses offered at Summit Prep. Here, students learn real-life business skills such as creating a presentation, making a product or crafting a business plan. Entrepreneurship teacher Aaron Calvert accomplishes this by placing students in real-world situations, such as pitching an idea to potential investors (a similar experience to that of  the TV show Shark Tank).

Students in this course can apply the skills they learn to other careers or jobs, which helps them branch out to other possibilities.


Joel Kestelyn, a sophomore at Summit Prep, explains his business called 4D Calligraphy to parents visiting Summit’s Celebration of Learning.


Summit Prep freshman Victor Aguilar-Mendoza explains the shoe business he calls Fuji Chancla to Summit Prep teacher Michael Green. Aquilar-Mendoza said, “My business is making chanclas that are good for the environment and comfortable but also fashionable.”


Dariana Pacheco and Mimi Moore are freshmen who paired up to create a business called EGs, which is short for Electronic Gadgets. Moore said, “Everything we do here is to create opportunities for ourselves that will get us through real-life situations.” Pacheco said, “The skills here can be applied to a lot of jobs or careers. Especially with so many options to choose from in the world, this kind of helps with narrowing it down.”


Luke Desmarais and Max Moeller, Summit Prep freshmen, introduce the product they named MirrorCam. Desmarais said, “We made this product to make sure the driver can have a 360-view when they’re driving. This makes driving safer because we are in cars almost every day of our lives and this eliminates blind spots, which are dangerous.”


Esteban Ramirez, a sophomore at Summit Prep, presents his product called Hoods. Ramirez said, “My product is that hoods on your jacket or sweater or whatever – you have a camera lens that can take photos or videos.”


Juan Hernandez, a Summit Prep senior, gives an introduction to a clothing brand he named Distinctive World.

Computer Science

During Computer Science, students learn how to use Cloud9, a JavaScript program, and Scratch to develop different programs. This course gives an beginning look at programming, allowing students to expand their skills and pursue a possible career path.

Matt Hesby, the Computer Science Expeditions teacher, said his original plan was for the course to be open only to sophomores and above; however, “we needed a class that was a little bit more accessible, a little bit more something that students can come in, start getting their hands on programming a little bit and find a way to connect with it.”

Mr. Hesby said this year’s class has a lot of freshmen, and he designed the class for that audience. “Literally it was just to tap into that interest in video games, but give them that as the avenue for beginning to learn the program. So that those students who reach into it and really find that part of it is really enjoyable and really fun, kinda run with the programming and keep going with it.”

Summit Prep Computer Science students showcase their finished programs to an audience of friends and family. 

Here’s a look at the Computer Science displays during Celebration of Learning: 

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 Staff Writers Daneyah Penisini and Alexis Sanchez contributed to this article. 
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