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Technology is an important element at Rainier

By Moses Rodriguez Staff Writer Summit Public School: Rainier is different than most modern high schools considering most of the school work is done through Chromebooks. This difference at Summit Rainier makes it easier to learn and educate students for multiple reasons. Rainier freshman Marcielo Perez said, “It’s better than having to write everything on a piece of paper and

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Students want more flexibility

By Michael Taylor Staff Writer Izzy Watjen, a sophomore at Summit Tahoma High School, argued that the American school system is ineffective in teaching students what they need to know for life.  She disapproves of the amount of homework teachers assign. “Most schools give five to six hours of homework, and grades are viewed as more important than the students’

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Students aren’t doing well for a reason

By Michael Taylor Staff Writer     High school is supposed to teach teens, but America’s school system is highly flawed. According to a 2015 study by the Princeton Review, only 10 percent of students say succeeding in school is important because they value learning.                         Over 40 percent of high school students in the study reported that their main academic

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