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Modern Acting and Theatre teaches the profession of acting

By Joshua Rivera Staff Writer Modern Acting and Theatre is a different experience compared to the introductory drama course. The advanced course teaches students the techniques and emotions of acting: it’s a college-level course meant to prepare students for the acting world. Ran by the production company Estronemicas, the drama course is a chance for aspiring actors to show the

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Tahoma students explore new talents in Stage Combat class

By Omar El-Bandrawy and Caden Vu Staff Writers Stage Combat is a performing arts class that allows students to step out of their comfort zone with the respect of their peers and their teacher. This class teaches students about how fight scenes in movies and plays are done without endangering actors, but this isn’t the only aspect of the course.

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Stage Combat course emphasizes trust and fighting techniques

By Deandra Han, Jennifer Rico and Karla Tran Staff Editors Stage Combat instructor Keith Brown teaches students fighting choreography, commonly known as stage combat, where they illustrate the illusion of physical fighting without causing harm to one another. Students get to use materials such as fake props to perform their acts live in class. This Expeditions class is not a

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Intro to Drama teaches students acting and theater techniques

By Abel Rangel and Justin San Giovanni Staff Writers Intro to Drama is a fun and active Expeditions course full of acting, reading scripts, rehearsing plays and performing. Intro to Drama is taught by Estrella Esparza-Johnson, along with two assistant teachers, who go by Mr. E. and Mr. Jay. Mr. E. explained that Intro to Drama is “a whole ranging

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Rainier Advanced Drama performs fifth annual showcase

By Nethan Sivarapu Staff Writer Students in Summit Rainier’s Advanced Drama class performed their fifth annual end-of-year showcase at the Mt. Pleasant theater to a large audience of Rainier teachers, administrators, parents and students, including drama alumni. Student emcees set the tone for the Advanced Drama showcase. Rainier junior Angel Chavez wrout this skit, “The Exam.”    

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