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Technology use at Summit Denali has pros and cons

By Sean Quigley and Cayden Tsai Staff Writers The use of technology in Summit Denali High School has both limited its ability to educate through distractions caused by noneducational content and repetition of use and benefited its ability to educate by making both learning and managing education more convenient. According to a study from Cambridge University, around 48% of all

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Summit Denali students choose skateboarding

By Jennifer Curry Staff Writer Summit Denali sophomore Liel Zapesotsky said, “Skateboarding is the light of my life.” Skateboarding is such a big interest for so many people everywhere. This includes many students at Summit Denali. Summit Denali sophomore Jacob Mendez said, “Skating is a reliable method of transportation and a good way to exercise,” meaning this can be a

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Summit facility differences continue to alter school experiences

By Judy Ly and Maxwell Taniguchi-King Staff Editors  Next school year, three major campus changes are expected: Denali moving into a new campus, Rainier closing, and Tahoma renovating its current portables.  There have been recent attempts to standardize Summit schools across California. Despite these changes, all eight Summit high schools in the Bay Area remain largely different in regards to

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