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Creative Writing students reflect on the impact of their class

By Jesse San Miguel

Staff Writer

Creative Writing as Performance is an Expeditions class taught at Summit Tahoma High School where students are required to write poems and stories. Students are also taught how to present and the elements that are required while performing, such as body posture, arm movement and voice.

This course impacts students by allowing their minds to run wild with creativity and feelings. Leo Hernandez, a senior at Tahoma, said, “I actually put my feelings and thoughts in my poems … I write what’s a part of me in life so I feel more proud of my poems.”

Liz DeOrnellas, the Creative Writing teacher, works hard to give students a space where they are able to be free with their writing. She said, “We’ve rewritten the curriculum so there are … more opportunities to share what they are writing, so we’ve really focused on how to be confident enough in your work that you are OK to present.” This allows students to be more involved and to be invested in their work as they should be.

See below for a video about the Creative Writing as Performance course:

Featured image (at the top of this post): Tahoma freshmen Savannah Mills and Daniela Cuevas present their work during a Poetry Slam. PHOTO CREDIT: Max Taniguchi-King

Students showcase diversity in their community by creating art pieces

By Andrea Pena

Staff Writer

Community and diversity are highly encouraged at Summit Preparatory Charter High School. Students enrolled in the Visual Arts Expeditions course show diversity in their community by creating pieces of art that illustrate their uniqueness as well as their dreams, interests and passions. Art is a diverse range of activities in which artists create visual, auditory or performance works. Art allows artists to express their imagination, skill, personal interests, personality and passions. It is typically appreciated for its beauty or emotional power.

Here’s a look at a few Summit Prep artists and their creative process:


Summit Prep freshman Britney Mendoza said, “I did this drawing specifically because I was using a color palette generator, and I was trying to design a character for someone on Instagram.”


Mendoza said, “This was made three weeks ago mostly because I like doing stuff like war and blood, and it’s just really relaxing to me.”


Mendoza said, “It’s two dinosaurs from Jurassic World; it’s one of my favorite movies.”

Summit Prep freshman Britney Mendoza talks about the motives behind creating her art work.


Summit Prep sophomore Hana Ahmed said, “The type of art I like to do is character design and storyboarding and animation because when I was little I always aspired to be a part of making a Pixar film.

Summit Prep sophomore Hana Ahmed talks about how her art relates to one of her dreams.

FullSizeRender (1)

Summit Prep senior Reyna Nava said, “What drew me to draw this or, well, paint this, was my passion for space and adventures and bringing light and positivity to spray paint which is seen as graffiti and for many years was seen as a bad thing.”

Summit Prep senior Reyna Nava talks about how one of her passions inspired her to create her work of art.


Summit Prep sophomore Miriam Rojas said, “I drew this art because I like Camaros and that’s my dream car.”


Summit Prep sophomore Miriam Rojas talks about how an interest of hers led to her to create her art.

IMG_0041Summit Prep sophomore Marlene Vasquez said, “I decided to draw Amy Winehouse because for this project we were given the task to draw someone we idolize, or just a portrait of someone, and I really like Amy Winehouse; her music is so nice I love it.”

Summit Prep sophomore Marlene Vasquez explains how Amy Winehouse inspired her to create her work of art.

Art allows people to open up about their emotions

By Angel Chavez

Staff Writer

I love art because it allows me to be able to express myself and to get out all of my feelings.

Art allows me to make people smile or think when they see my work.

Art makes me happy because it’s a way of life for me. If I didn’t have art in my life, then I would be nothing.

I would just be sad and lonely.

All of, or most of, my friends are  artists as well.

Sometimes we envy each other because our styles are different and some of our finished pieces look really good.

Rainier sophomore Alex Betts said, “I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, so it has always been a part of me as a person. My type of art is anime-inspired and semi-realistic anime.”

In contrast, Rainier sophomore Ashley Muniz said she’s been doing art for about two and a half years, but she doesn’t have a specific style. “I am more on being creative than using skill.”

Personally, I always draw, even in class.

That’s why I get into trouble because I  always draw on the table and not pay attention to the lesson.

If I didn’t have art in my life, I don’t know where I would be.

I can’t think of what my life would be like without it.

It makes me feel safe, like it’s a place where I can just escape from everything.

I feel like art has not only had a big impact on my life, but others as well.

As Muniz explained, “Art has changed my life because it has opened my creative mind to new opportunities that I never would have experienced.”