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Summit Shasta starts reopening its doors to its students amid the COVID-19 pandemic

By Ethaniel Reyes Staff Editor   On April 1, 2021, Summit Shasta officially began the process of reopening its doors for students to attend campus in-person — more than a year since the school was forced to shift to a virtual setting. This has been an up-and-coming process that was in the works for months, and despite the magnitude the

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Virtual School is shown to have negative impact on students

By Nikhil Shah Staff Writer While it is widely known that COVID-19 online schooling has caused teenagers’ learning abilities to suffer, a lesser-known impact is the loss of socialization with peers.  A survey of 10 Summit Denali journalism students was conducted in Feb. 2021, roughly a year after the beginning of quarantine. It found that a majority of students have

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Students struggle to find room for improvement during virtual school’s challenges

By Clayton Schmidt and Justin Tilbury Staff Writers As the first semester of the school year comes to a close, many American students have remained unsatisfied with online school. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted daily routines around the world; with pressure to stay isolated at home as much as possible, most American students are taking online classes. American schools have

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