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Celebration of Learning elevates student morale

By Ardan Bramall, Jennifer Curry, Ariana Perez, Joshua Schermann and Cayden Tsai Staff Writers The Celebration of Learning is a very special event for many of the students at Summit Denali. A handful of student journalists floated during the celebration and learned the perspectives of the attendees.  The Human Rights Expedition, taught by Dani Santos, showcased students’ trifolds which they

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Redevelopment plan sets new heights for the future of Sequoia Station

By Evan Lipa, Juan Lona and Michael Wynne Staff Writers Summit Prep junior Robert Lopez is one of Redwood City’s weekly shoppers at Safeway located in the south center of Sequoia Station, routinely shopping there for food and resources needed to support his family. Sequoia Station is a shopping center in downtown Redwood City, frequently used by people throughout the

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Bay Area schools fight student poverty with extra aid

By Ardan Bramall, Toli Gonodanov-Meydbray, Sean Quigley and Cayden Tsai   Staff Writers Summit Denali Education Specialist Dr. James Rozman saw a homeless elementary-school student’s attendance rise after the student developed bonds with her teachers. He saw this as evidence of the idea that creating connections with students could help treat student poverty. According to a study jointly conducted by

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