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Student panelists share college experience with Rainier

By Karla Tran Staff Editor The college students who came to Rainier asked and answered questions about what college life is like after high school. Questions such as “What’s college life like?” and “Is college fun?” gave Rainier students enrolled in the Expeditions course College Readiness a sense of what college looks like. On Sept. 19, a group of college

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College Readiness changes how students view college

By Alex Twoy Staff Writer As soon as you walk into College Readiness, you can feel the curiosity and eagerness in the room. College Readiness is a mandatory Expeditions course for all Summit students during their junior year of high school. In the course, students come up with life plans, take steps to make themselves more competitive in the college

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College Readiness provides advice for juniors

By Christian Frias and Cathy Ly Staff Editors The College Readiness Expeditions course is about life planning. Some of the topics the students discuss in class are their budget for college, what college they want to go to, what they want to major in when they get to college, etc. Rainier junior Alan Do said, “Don’t procrastinate because in this

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Expeditions course prepares students for the college process

By Zachary Navarra Staff Writer Amber Fields hopes to turn College Readiness from a class that is required for all juniors to a class all juniors want to take. The course itself is intended to help students navigate the college application process and prepare them for life after Shasta. Ms. Fields hopes to create personal connections with each of her

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Summit Shasta gets students ready for college

By Kalysta Frost Staff Writer Summit Shasta’s mission is to prepare students for success in college. Senior year can be a very tough year because of college applications and the college admissions process as a whole. One way Summit Shasta helps their students get ready for college is the College Readiness Expeditions course, which is mandatory for junior students. College Readiness

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Expeditions experiences help students explore their futures

By Teresa Faasolo Staff Writer Students from Everest Public High School spent the last few weeks of school in their Expeditions classes, where they explored their interests on a personal and professional level. At the end of the year, students showcased their learning to parents and school staff at an event called Celebration of Learning. Here’s some insight from students

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