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Denali increases support in the arts

By Mark Haiko Denali Multimedia Editor Art is the use of skills in pursuit of creative productions, with examples being drawing, written literature and video creation. This definition is quite broad, and, in concept, most things people use their imagination on can be considered art. Even with such a loose definition, Summit Public Schools: Denali has had problems with promoting

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Body Positivity Club gives Denali students a place to accept and appreciate themselves

By Ellen Hu Denali Editor-in-Chief A group of students gather in a classroom with friendly smiles on their faces and their lunches in hand. They aren’t talking about television shows or video games. They’re talking about underwear sizes. The Body Positivity Club is a student-run club at Summit Denali High School where students are able to discuss topics related to

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Shasta Dungeons and Dragons Club provides a unique experience

By Albert Chang-Yoo and Zachary Navarra Staff Writers Imagine fighting off a monstrous dragon with your flaming battle axe. Your best friend and a total stranger stand by you, weapons in hand ready for their last stand. With the role of the dice, the battle begins. Dungeons and Dragons, commonly referred to as D&D, is a relatively new club to

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