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Sunnyvale city council members come to Denali to share about city politics in virtual press conferences with student journalists

EDITOR’S NOTE: On Nov.17 and Nov. 30, student journalists from Summit Public School: Denali held a virtual press conference to meet Sunnyvale City Councilmembers Michael Goldman, Glenn Hendricks, Gustav Larsson, and Vice Mayor Nancy Smith. The councilmembers and vice mayor shared their stories on how they found their way into city politics and their goals for the city of Sunnyvale,

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Voting by mail in California: a brief guide

By Evelyn Archibald Shasta Editor-in-Chief Many voters this year will be voting by mail-in-ballot for the first time on Election Day on November 3rd, 2020. In California, between COVID-19 still raging with over 760,000 total cases, and the rampant wildfires leaving the air quality unhealthy, voting by mail could be the safest option.  Many states are planning to continue allowing

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Republicans feel they can’t openly express political views in the Bay Area

By Soojeong Kim and Eva Weisenfeld Staff Writers   The Bay Area has mild-tempered weather and farm-to-table, organic foods.  It also houses three of the top tech companies of the world. Where minorities, same-sex marriages and transgender people are accepted and embraced. People in the Bay are totally open-minded: where else can you order a grande soy vanilla latte, two

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