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Businesses adapt to new norms

By Polina Runova Staff Editor The COVID-19 pandemic has brought change in routine to everyone, and small businesses in particular are working to adjust. For some, this means requiring masks and shortening menus, while for others it means shutting down entirely. The pandemic is causing many to balance finances and safety in order to stay afloat.    June Lake is

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Entrepreneurship gives students a look into business

By Alan Rivera Staff Writer Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg have all found success through big business. Their examples have encouraged people to follow in their paths through the creation of their own companies, and Denali students are given a first-hand look at the needed skills to do so in the Entrepreneurship Expeditions course, which teaches students how

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Entrepreneurship provides students with a better future

By Yasmeen Ali and Aurylina Nguyen Staff Writers Summit Tahoma provides an Entrepreneurship course for students where they use their creativity to create their own establishment and also pitch their business to make it official. Aaron Calvert, the teacher of the Entrepreneurship course, said, “Entrepreneurship is taking ownership of your idea and growing it and [entrepreneurship] helps solve a person’s

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Entrepreneurship teaches students to freely create

By Melissa Domingo and Mytrisha Sarmiento Staff Writers Entrepreneurship is an Expeditions course that teaches students how to start a business, negotiate and overall become successful with their own startups. The class consists of creating products and advertising these products to people who would be interested in buying them. Danica Lyming, the Entrepreneurship Expeditions teacher, said, “[Students] basically learn how to

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Intrapreneurship allows students to be creative

By Sophia Woehl  Staff Writer In the Intrapreneurship Expeditions course, students have the opportunity to learn how creativity can be used in business. Students work to become intrapreneurs by finding problems within companies and thinking of innovative solutions. Students go on field trips to for-profit and nonprofit organizations where they identify problems and then work to help the companies. Danica

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