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Thousands join Black Lives Matter protests across the Bay Area

By Alaya Scarlett Staff Writer George Floyd. Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. Tamir Rice. Trayvon Martin. Samuel Dubose. Eric Garner. Akai Gurley. The list goes on. Countless lives have been taken due to the institutionalized racism that remains prevalent in the world, especially the United States. People all across the country have been protesting beginning May 26, the day after George

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Food insecurity in the Bay Area rises, leaving lasting impacts on residents

By Daisy Ding Staff Writer Food is a basic necessity that provides nutrition and sustains the existence of all human beings; however, the prevalence of food insecurity in the Bay Area has left many struggling to obtain reliable access to sufficient quantities of nutritious food. Food security, as defined by the USDA, is the “consistent access to enough food for

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Republicans feel they can’t openly express political views in the Bay Area

By Soojeong Kim and Eva Weisenfeld Staff Writers   The Bay Area has mild-tempered weather and farm-to-table, organic foods.  It also houses three of the top tech companies of the world. Where minorities, same-sex marriages and transgender people are accepted and embraced. People in the Bay are totally open-minded: where else can you order a grande soy vanilla latte, two

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