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“WandaVision”: A new era of the Marvel universe 

By Ashwath Vimal   Staff Writer  “WandaVision” is a show that exceeds expectations through excelling in nearly all areas. It has great storytelling and narration and effectively uses different mediums to deliver the plot. The show is also well written and fulfills fans’ dreams of using material from the comics. It is a success in more ways than one, and here

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Filling the gap of representation through art

 By Judy Ly  Rainier Editor-in-Chief For this Expeditions round of Ethnic Studies, students studied the portrayal of people of non-dominant backgrounds in media. From music video to films to even personal poetry, Expeditions teacher Angel Barragan showcased the representation and misrepresentation of Latinos, Asians, Native Americans and African Americans. In an interview with Mr. Barragan, he said he came from

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Performing Arts teach us humanity

By Evelyn Archibald Staff Writer “The most important thing any kind of arts can teach,” Stage Combat and College Readiness instructor Keith Brown says, “is what teaches us humanity.” Stage Combat, an acting class focusing on combat and physical communication on stage, is the only performing arts class currently offered at Summit Shasta, but maybe that should change. While, as

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Shasta Art Expeditions impacts the lives of students

By Kalysta Frost and Sophia Woehl Staff Writers Here at Summit Public Schools: Shasta, the Intermediate Visual Arts and the Intro to Visual Arts teacher is Meridith Burchiel, and the Intro to Video Production teacher is Vincent Nelson. In these classes, students work on making videos, scripts, drawings, paintings and being creative. Summit Public Schools has six different art and

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Course puts students through the behind the scenes magic of filming

By Judy Ly Staff Writer In the Video Production Expeditions course, students have the opportunity to explore the process of producing a film.  Through projects, such as creating a mockumentary and a silent film, students get to explore different roles and different perspectives on the behind the scenes magic.  Students are able to act as a director, a camera operator,

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