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Denali journalism students take on leadership positions in the newsroom

By Ellen Hu Denali Editor-in-Chief At Summit Denali High School, there is always a story to cover. Whether it be teacher turnover or new school traditions, Summit News staff writers at the Denali site have a variety of topics to write about. The 2019-20 school year marks the first year that Summit Denali High School offers Advanced Multimedia Political Journalism

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Shasta journalism students run their newsroom

By Evelyn Archibald Shasta Editor-in-Chief A typical day in Shasta’s Expeditions rounds would show you teachers and students across campus dedicating themselves to a deep dive into their respective elective subjects. You might see students from Bike Shop tinkering with gears and brakes or riding in the quad, watch a group of Intro to Visual Arts students sketching and experimenting

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Student journalists reflect on self-directed advanced course

By Nick Reed Staff Editor Advanced Multimedia Political Journalism is an independent study journalism class run by students who produce written articles, videos and podcasts. The class is run like a newsroom with several Editors-in-Chief, a Webmaster and several Staff Writers churning out all different forms of content. There have been troubles, trials and tribulations. Sometimes things have been difficult,

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