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Students learn self-confidence in Stage Combat

By Mark Haiko and Soren Ryan-Jensen Staff Writers From fighting ghosts to dueling with longswords, Stage Combat is an Expeditions class that delves into the art of fighting on stage. In the class, students design skits to play out for different projects. Stage Combat teacher Keith Brown said finding new ways of expressing yourself and experimenting are the backbone of

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Modern Acting and Theatre teaches the profession of acting

By Joshua Rivera Staff Writer Modern Acting and Theatre is a different experience compared to the introductory drama course. The advanced course teaches students the techniques and emotions of acting: it’s a college-level course meant to prepare students for the acting world. Ran by the production company Estronemicas, the drama course is a chance for aspiring actors to show the

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Intro to Drama teaches students acting and theater techniques

By Abel Rangel and Justin San Giovanni Staff Writers Intro to Drama is a fun and active Expeditions course full of acting, reading scripts, rehearsing plays and performing. Intro to Drama is taught by Estrella Esparza-Johnson, along with two assistant teachers, who go by Mr. E. and Mr. Jay. Mr. E. explained that Intro to Drama is “a whole ranging

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Losing the arts means losing education

By C.M. Bateman and Kaitlyn Tran Staff Writers Recently, schools across the country have been cutting art programs. This affects the students by not allowing them to express themselves, and it makes it more difficult for the students to master their core subjects. Without the arts, dropout rates can increase. Schools in the United States have been shifting their attention to

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