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Electoral battle continues in Georgia amidst misinformation and conspiracy

By Evelyn Archibald Shasta Editor-in-Chief The presidential election may have been called for Joe Biden, but one battle continues to rage in Georgia. Two senate seats are up for election, and they may be some of the most important yet.  Candidates Jon Ossoff(D) and incumbent David Perdue(R) are running for one senate seat in Georgia, while candidates Raphael Warnlock(D) and

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Voting by mail in California: a brief guide

By Evelyn Archibald Shasta Editor-in-Chief Many voters this year will be voting by mail-in-ballot for the first time on Election Day on November 3rd, 2020. In California, between COVID-19 still raging with over 760,000 total cases, and the rampant wildfires leaving the air quality unhealthy, voting by mail could be the safest option.  Many states are planning to continue allowing

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Tahoma community members share opinions on the 2020 election

By Yasmeen Ali, Kainoa Garo and Ian Vu Staff Writers Many people from Summit Tahoma, a charter school in San Jose, show strong opinions on the upcoming 2020 presidential election. Many teachers and students have knowledge about the candidates; Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris appear to be inspiring the most interest so far.  As of Oct.

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