Meet Our Team


Angela Hwang: Denali site editor-in-chief; Student Advisor of Summit News

Alexander Gorodnov: Denali senior; editor. He likes programming, questioning the government, swimming, making sure human rights are being observed, and food.


Melissa Domingo: Shasta site co-editor-in-chief

Evelyn Archibald: Shasta site co-editor-in-chief



Jovani Contreras: Summit Prep site editor-in-chief; editor-in-chief of The Husky News

Giselle Sanchez: editor; science editor of The Husky News


Polina Runova: Tahoma site editor-in-chief

Ashwath Vimal: staff writer, Instagram manager and editor;  Weekly Briefing lead writer

Mia De La Rosa: I’m a junior at Summit Tahoma School. I’m a mixed student with hobbies such as gaming, writing, and hanging out with friends.