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School sports impact the building of community at Summit Prep

By Rosie Esteverena Staff Writer School sports are one of the ways that Summit Prep builds community for its students. Prep’s sports teams help students have a fun outlet, and they are a great way for students to connect.  Sports at Prep are very important to the team members, students and staff. People care a lot about school sports because

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Coaching styles impact athletes

By Alex Twoy Staff Writer Different coaching styles can affect the way athletes perform, as shown by the different approaches taken by Denali’s men’s and women’s soccer teams. Coach Peter Ellerkamp said that he likes a committed, structured and organized team. “Discipline is my No. 1 coaching method,” he said. “I’ve told you this before, and I’ll tell it again:

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Sports form community

By Matthew Goncalves, Ethaniel Reyes and Jordan Singh Staff Writers Sports are physical activities that involve individual teams competing against each other in order to appeal to certain fans, and they are also used to entertain people. Some of these sports include soccer, basketball, baseball and football. Although these sports are used for entertainment, they are also able to create

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Basketball program builds up Summit Shasta school spirit

By Jenny Hu, Brian Bodestyne and Darren Macario Staff Writers Sports are an important part of the high school experience. The basketball program is particularly influential in the Summit Shasta school community. How do student basketball players contribute to the Shasta community? According to Shasta freshman Allison Blair, sports help contribute to the Shasta community by helping bring different grade

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Denali soccer teams discuss their progress and challenges

By Ellen Hu and Alex Twoy Staff Writers One Friday in December, Peter Ellerkamp, the coach of Denali’s men’s soccer team, found himself standing in a classroom instead of on the soccer field. “We had to cancel a practice because we didn’t have enough eligible players for our game that was coming up,” Coach Ellerkamp said. Although Coach Ellerkamp is

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Student athletes at Tahoma discover a positive impact

By Vianey Gonzaga, Nick Inman, Sam Leger and Damian Pimentel Staff Writers Students here at Tahoma are actively involved in sports, from volleyball to soccer. A popular discussion is how these sports affect students’ lives, both academically and socially. Mikaela Zavala, a senior soccer player at Tahoma, spoke with us about how sports affected her. She talked about how during

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