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“WandaVision”: A new era of the Marvel universe 

By Ashwath Vimal   Staff Writer  “WandaVision” is a show that exceeds expectations through excelling in nearly all areas. It has great storytelling and narration and effectively uses different mediums to deliver the plot. The show is also well written and fulfills fans’ dreams of using material from the comics. It is a success in more ways than one, and here

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Musicians keep in touch with their fans during quarantine through online concerts

By Nethan Sivarapu and Ian Vu Staff Editors In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we see ourselves as more disconnected from society than ever. During these times, how have musicians kept in touch with the world to continue spreading their music? Social distancing has changed the way that many people around the world tackle their daily tasks. Many people

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Summit Public Schools has not decided what to do with Rainier’s estimated $500,000 in savings

By Jacob Kahn-Samuelson and Judy Ly Editors-in-Chief In a Q&A meeting, following the announcement that Rainier would close, community members advocated to use Rainier’s remaining reserves towards transportation support for students who wanted to transfer to Tahoma, in south San Jose.     A community member asked where Rainier’s financial reserve was going. In response, SPS Chief of Staff Kelly Garcia said

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Tahoma prepares for a large number of Rainier transfers next fall

By Kyle Fujisaka and Judy Ly  Staff Editors As students finish their school year online, Rainier students count down the days before their school closes permanently. Last fall, SPS administration announced Rainier will permanently close on the last day of school, leaving 244 of the 313 students displaced. 133 of those students plan to enroll at the nearest Summit Public

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Businesses adapt to new norms

By Polina Runova Staff Editor The COVID-19 pandemic has brought change in routine to everyone, and small businesses in particular are working to adjust. For some, this means requiring masks and shortening menus, while for others it means shutting down entirely. The pandemic is causing many to balance finances and safety in order to stay afloat.    June Lake is

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Tahoma students and staff reflect on the issue of vaping on campus

By Kainoa Garo, Nethan Sivarapu and Ian Vu Staff Writers Vaping is a problem that has prompted schools around the country to create various methods to limit student vaping. These methods include educating students and their families about the dangers of vaping.  With many Tahoma students and families expressing concern about vaping on campus, students and faculty have answered questions

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