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Racism within the Latino community harms teens

By Analisa Sofia Perez and Christina Velez Staff Editors As one grows up in the Latino community, the racist things said or supported by family members become increasingly apparent. Whether or not it’s unintentionally ignorant or fueled by hatred of a certain race, it’s offensive to others and shouldn’t be normalized by Latinos. There is a Spanish schoolyard saying, “Chino,

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Robotics teacher prepares her students for success in the world of engineering

By Sol Perez and Carlos Villarreal Staff Writers Before Sherri Taylor worked at Rainier as the Robotics Expeditions teacher, she worked on a microprocessor with 350 people, which took over three years to complete. Now, she shares her experience and knowledge with the Rainier community through teaching students who are interested in the field of robotics.   Ms. Taylor has a vision

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Video Production teaches students skills in preparation for future careers

By Adrian Pescatore Staff Writer Video Production is a class that a lot of people are interested in doing. There are many different things you can do in the class, like being a director, actor, editor, or slater. Being a director is directing the actors on what to do in the film and reminding them what their lines are and

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Rainer students report stress related to the college application process

By Sean Moser  Staff Writer  When asked what is most stressful for people applying to college, Rainier junior Abraham Rios said, “Applying and then being ready to take standardized tests like the SAT or ACT.” Many students in the Rainier community, as well as in the United States, feel stressed because of the college application process. College Readiness teacher Maria

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“The Slow Rush” is a smooth psych step forward for Tame Impala

By Steven Ruiz Staff Writer Tame Impala’s fourth studio album “The Slow Rush” came out on Valentine’s Day. This new album is Kevin Parker’s journey through time. From the funky drumming to the smooth synths, this album is one of the most polished and smooth Tame Impala albums yet. The songs are heavily inspired by soft rock and disco, but

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Here’s what you should know about the coronavirus

By Charlie Stattion Staff Writer Starting with the new year, worries have increased throughout the United States and its citizens. They have become more aware of the possibility of a new coronavirus that was only recently discovered with no treatment. With the threat of the coronavirus going around, citizens should be aware and attentive of the news but not intimidated. Coronavirus,

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