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Multimedia students venture out into the community

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Summit News Staff Writers at Summit Preparatory Charter High School in Redwood City created these community journalism multimedia packages to highlight stories that are important to their school and relevant to their local community. News: Students internalize human rights By Jovani Contreras At Summit Prep there are two human rights Expeditions courses: U.S Human Rights and International

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Uniform schedule impacts students lives across Bay Area campuses this school year

By Evelyn Archibald and Judy Ly   Editors-in-Chief Denali senior William Torborg said it is hard for most students to stay focused for long durations. He pointed out that as a student with ADHD, it is harder for him to maintain concentration in class.  “It’s not like, the most fun to sit through four and a half hours of class

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Why “Metro 2033” is such an important development in the world of video games

By Nick Reed Arts Editor The idea of video games being an artistic medium to be taken seriously by major news outlets has not always been widely accepted. Since the days of “Pong” and Italian plumbers jumping, video games have more often than not been seen as unimportant brain candy, a filler to keep you entertained but not to be

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Summit Prep prepares for Good Morning America feature

By Kai Lock Summit Prep Editor-in-Chief This was not just another week for Summit Prep; in fact it might’ve been one of the most exciting weeks this year has to offer for both faculty and students. Diane Tavenner, the founder of Summit Public Schools, has recently written a book, “Prepared”, which mentions Summit Prep. Correspondingly, Good Morning America came to

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Seniors use final Expeditions to explore future careers

By Jon Garvin and Eliza Insley Editors-in-Chief Expeditions gives students a chance to explore areas of interest to help students find their true passions. During Summit Prep seniors’ final year, they are taking this opportunity to begin pursuing possible future careers through internship and independent study.  According to Melissa Thiriez, the supervisor of internships and independent studies, 96 students from

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Redwood City mayor visits Summit Prep journalists

EDITOR’S NOTE: On Friday, Sept. 6, Redwood City Mayor Ian Bain came to Summit Preparatory Charter High School for a press conference to answer student journalists’ questions about his role in the community. Ian Bain introduces the importance of local politics in Redwood City By Jovani Contreras, Fabiana Munoz and Rosie Esteverena  Staff Writers Ian Bain believes that local politics

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