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Summit Prep community bids farewell to current administrators

By Eliza Insley and Jon Garvin Editors-in-Chief On Thursday, April 23, the current Summit Prep administration announced changes for the 2020-21 school year. Current Executive Director Caitlin Reilly and Deans of Culture Michael Green and Akanksha Wu announced that they are departing from the Husky family. Current Modern World 1 and 2 teachers Mary-Beth Thompson and David Tellez are taking

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Vice Chair of the Parks and Rec. Commission discusses homelessness in California

By Jovani Contreras Staff Writer The homeless population in California has been growing at alarming rates in recent years; the last official count found over 150,000 California citizens homeless. Pablo Lopez is the vice-chair on the Parks, Recreation and Community Service commission and a lifelong California resident. Mr. Lopez discussed how the homelessness crisis affects his work and life as

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California’s high cost of living affects the homeless population

By Jovani Contreras Staff Writer Homelessness in California has surged at alarming rates in recent years. At over 150,000 homeless citizens, the “Golden State” has the largest homeless population in the nation. California’s homeless population accounts for 22% of the total U.S homeless population. According to the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development, the current homeless population of California

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Distance learning is a hard, but necessary transition during COVID-19

By Elizandra Zelaya, Angelina Gonzalez and Morgan Dundas Staff Writers For decades, school has been much more than just a basic education. Social skills, leadership roles, learning how to advocate for themselves and building relationships with their community. Now, students all around the world are being faced with finishing off their academic year behind a screen in their home. Summit

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“Parasite” deserved to win Best Picture at the 2020 Oscars

By Kai Lock Prep Editor-in-Chief “Oscar Season” is done and awards have been given out, including the most controversial award, Best Picture. It’s controversial in terms of deciphering the varying opinions and factors that are within the film. This year Best Picture was awarded to “Parasite,” the international Korean thriller movie given to us by Bong Joon Ho.  “Parasite” is

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