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America’s education system is stuck in place

By Donovan Pelton and Kazuma Posley Staff Writers Yumi Ando, an east-Asian studies major, stated many of the “East Asian studies books I read were still mostly written by American authors. We did not read very many native texts.“ Even the novels considered as “classics”, such as “1984”, “Fahrenheit 451”, “Nickel and Dimed”, “Great Gatsby”, even the “Iliad”, are all

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Union leaders and Denali students reflect on SPS reopening policies

By Keith Dinh and Angela Hwang Staff Editors Summit Denali reopened for in-person classes on April 1, following negotiations between the teachers’ union and the administration. The negotiations concluded on March 29 with the teachers being allowed to return voluntarily.  In March, students were given the option to return to in-person classes. Those who chose to go back remain in

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Denali teacher recalls her journey to becoming a teacher

By Nihitha Palacherla Staff Writer Ms. Albassam enjoys teaching students, but she faces a challenge in online learning. In the past year, schools have shifted in-person classes to online school. Many students feel stressed and anxious to be back to in-person classes, but have you wondered what teaching online is like for teachers at Summit Denali? Denali Biology teacher Lobna

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Interview with minimum wage worker as minimum wage debate captures the nation

By Skyler Sauer Staff Writer Minimum wage affects many individuals and communities, so, in an effort to explore such effects and to understand the experience of minimum wage workers, here is a summarization of an interview with Summit Denali junior Ella Chen. Chen explained her situation through the interview when asked how exactly the difference between the federal and local

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Minimum wage in Sunnyvale and the nation affects working class

By Skyler Sauer Staff Writer The minimum wage is a hotly debated topic nationally and one that affects the lives of citizens everywhere. Many decisions affecting minimum wage happen at many levels of government, each bringing new challenges to the table. According to Mercury News, Sunnyvale has been raising its minimum wage significantly from $11 per hour due to the

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Elon Musk’s tweets affect stocks

By Hugo Fonzi Staff Writer Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, has a Twitter with over 46 million followers. Recently, Mr. Musk has been tweeting about companies and Dogecoin, causing stocks and the price of Dogecoin to rise.  Elon Musk tweeted, “use Signal”, and many people bought shares afterward in a components producer called Signal Advance, causing the stocks to

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