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Republicans feel they can’t openly express political views in the Bay Area

By Soojeong Kim and Eva Weisenfeld Staff Writers   The Bay Area has mild-tempered weather and farm-to-table, organic foods.  It also houses three of the top tech companies of the world. Where minorities, same-sex marriages and transgender people are accepted and embraced. People in the Bay are totally open-minded: where else can you order a grande soy vanilla latte, two

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Summit Denali lacks an African American perspective due to location

By Riley Quigley Staff Writer As a classroom at Summit Denali High School talks about race, heads begin to turn to senior Claire Mallinson. She is the only African American student in her classroom. “Every time a topic like that is brought up everyone turns and looks at you,” Mallinson said. As the sole African American student in the classroom, she

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Cupertino Union School District Board President Lori Cunningham visits Summit Denali

By Evangeline Si Denali Opinion Editor Cupertino Union School District (CUSD) Board of Trustees President Lori Cunningham believes that school districts play an important role in supporting diversity and developing students’ soft skills. On Jan. 13, she spoke with Summit News student journalists, giving students insight on the school board and her perspective on diversity in schools, high rates of

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Denali Christian students are uncomfortable with jokes regarding Christianity

By Angela Hwang Denali News Editor When she first got to Summit Public School: Denali, senior Andrea Atayde did not feel comfortable sharing a large part of who she is: her beliefs.  “I was scared about receiving backlash because I’d heard so many jokes going around, and I’d heard a bunch of people talking down to Christianity,” Atayde said. “That

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