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Dissociative Feminism emerges as women’s issues plateau

Pheobe Waller-Bridge in Fleabag Photo Credit: Amazon Prime Video

By Laurene Karajah Staff Writer Have women lost all hope? To answer this question we must first define a new term: dissociative feminism. The Australian government’s Better Health Channel defines dissociation as, “a mental process where a person disconnects from their thoughts, feelings, memories or sense of identity.” While relatively new, it originated from Emmeline Clein, a Buzzfeed contributor and

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The Oxford High School shooting highlights problems that need to be addressed

By McKenna Seegmiller News Editor   The recent school shooting at Oxford High School highlights staggering problems in America – problems that have not been solved even after the deadliest shootings that have ripped our nation’s children from their parents.  On Tuesday, November 30, 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley entered Oxford High School with a semi-automatic pistol bought by his father and

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Tragedy in Astroworld: The history of chaos at Travis Scott concerts

By Jovani Alejandro Contreras Prep Editor-in-Chief  As fainted concertgoers were being treated by medics, Travis Scott continued to perform at the Friday night Astroworld Festival. A crowd of over 50,000 filled NRG Park to see the “Sicko Mode” rapper perform in Houston. Eight people have been confirmed dead and hundreds more were hospitalized with injuries, the victim’s ages ranged from

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