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Your Weekly Summit Briefing: Week of 10/13/20

Your Summit Weekly Briefing By Alex Tananbaum Staff Writer   IF YOU ARE 18 OR OVER, OR WILL BE BY ELECTION DAY, REGISTER TO VOTE! California Information: Register (or pre-register if you are currently under 18) at Voting by mail: You should receive your mail-in ballot October 12th. USPS is currently anticipating delays— make sure to mail your ballot

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Review: Niki releases her long awaited debut album, Moonchild

By Melissa Domingo Arts Editor Indonesia native, Nicole Zefanya, better known by the mononym Niki, released her highly anticipated debut album on September 10, 2020. After works like “Zephyr” and “wanna take this downtown?”, the release of “Moonchild” comes as a pleasant surprise to fans. The singer-songwriter released a ten track concept album intended to tell the story of the

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An Introduction to Overlooked American History

By Sarai Carpio-Au Staff Writer   Introduction to Overlooked American History      Hello! My name is Sarai Carpio-Au and I’m a sophomore currently attending Summit Shasta. Throughout quarantine I’ve become greatly educated on our government and the experiences of minorities throughout America’s past. As students and the future I believe that we have the right to learn and to be aware

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Mulan (2020) is a bland remake that tarnishes a classic

By Nathan David Staff Writer It has been over 22 years since the original animated Mulan hit theatres around the world. It combined action with the classic Disney princess movie aspects to make a film that appealed to a wide audience. But the recent live-action remake of Mulan, directed by Niki Caro, has many changes that differ from the original

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Social media: a machine transcending politics

By Hannah Kim Editor-in-Chief Since 1980, statistics have indicated that U.S. presidential candidates with the most campaign funds win the general election. However, in 2016, Republican nominee Donald Trump broke this pattern after securing a presidential victory despite raising 957.6 million dollars in comparison to his opponent’s 1.4 billion. What helped Donald Trump clinch the 2016 U.S. Presidential race? A

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Finding beauty and building relationships during quarantine

By Alina Raykovich Staff Writer Over the past two months during quarantine, I have been finding ways to busy myself. I have been taking numerous assessments, watching Netflix and taking photos. Through these activities and the trips that I’ve taken with my family, I’ve developed an appreciation for the beauty of our world and grown closer to the people around

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