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“Igor” is one of the best albums of 2019

By Justin Lin Staff Writer Tyler, the Creator is a 29-year-old American singer, rapper, songwriter, producer, designer, and music video director. He was first introduced into the music industry in 2007 as the co-founder of the popular hip-hop collective “Odd Future.” After the group’s split, Tyler has been working as a solo artist to this day. Having won the MTV

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Guidance counselors are needed to help students graduate

By Riley Quigley Staff Writer High school graduation rates in America are still lagging behind many other similarly developed nations. Many educators across America are trying to find a solution to this, increasing or decreasing amounts of homework, introducing new technology to the classroom, or changing the overall curriculum of their school.  However, the solution might not be that simple.

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What South Korea teaches us through coronavirus

By Louis Park and Soojeong Kim On March 22nd, the number of cases by coronavirus in New York alone surpassed South Korea. The single state had 15,168 cases as reported by New York governor Andrew Cuomo, while South Korea had 8,897 cases even when testing significantly more. The COVID-19 epidemic has left devastating effects in countries throughout the world. Coronavirus

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High schools should offer financial education classes

By Ruby Balbuena and Taylor Vu Staff Writers Throughout our research of high schools not offering financial education, we were very disappointed to see that schools are not teaching students the information that we would need for when becoming an adult. Even our school, Summit Denali, which once had an adulting class, no longer offers it.  All high schools should

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Skateboarder, artist and musician Pablo “Psplifff” Ramirez left a legacy

By Cyrus Shakeri Staff Writer  At my house, I have a GX1000 skateboard with the name Pablo on it. I recently purchased this as a tribute to Pablo “Psplifff” Ramirez, a skateboarder whose life ended April 23, 2019 after a collision with a dump truck on Seventh Street.  I was saddened and surprised at the news of Ramirez’s death, and

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