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Summit Denali students question the effectiveness of the Summit model

By William Giblin, Vibhu Gogineni and Ariana Perez Staff Writers Summit Denali senior Julisa Ascencio recalls how Denali has prepared her for college while coming from a background where no one went to college.  However, in recent years, students at Summit Denali in Sunnyvale, Calif. have begun to question if the Summit model is properly preparing them for life after

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Summit Denali staff, students independently reach consensus on Covid guidelines

By Meiru Chen, Sophia Garcia and Karissa Tsang Staff Writers As Summit Denali High School students return from winter break, new variants of the coronavirus continue to mutate and spread. Summit Denali continues to stay open as these new variants of Covid continue to mutate. On Jan. 5, student journalists interviewed students at Summit Denali about their insights on the

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The pandemic has horribly affected students’ chances of catching up to the learning curve

By Anthony Almanza, Nick Dedes, Srinand Mudunuri and Leonardo Arias Soto Staff Writers                                                                    Students and teachers agree: the online learning experience was a pain. There was always a new problem, whether it was technology issues or just the overall learning gap it caused.  According to NBC Bay Area, “Our analysis shows that the impact of the pandemic on K–12 student

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Bay Area schools fight student poverty with extra aid

By Ardan Bramall, Toli Gonodanov-Meydbray, Sean Quigley and Cayden Tsai   Staff Writers Summit Denali Education Specialist Dr. James Rozman saw a homeless elementary-school student’s attendance rise after the student developed bonds with her teachers. He saw this as evidence of the idea that creating connections with students could help treat student poverty. According to a study jointly conducted by

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Fast fashion harms the earth, so how can we stop it?

By Alex Diaz Arts Editor   With the growing interest in fashion everywhere, companies have grown more and more unethical with the sourcing of their products, often at the cost of the environment. Before the Industrial Revolution, people had to make their clothes themselves by growing products, sewing them together, and reusing them. However, since then, factories have taken over,

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China’s ban on private tutoring

By Akhil Gunasekaran Copy Editor China recently enacted a ban on all private tutoring services, which include companies both within and outside the country. Analysts believe that the ban will help many Chinese families alleviate the tension which comes with schoolwork, but some parents disagree. Within China, there is a great amount of pressure placed on teenagers, who must prepare

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