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COVID-19 outbreak forces school shutdowns, affecting students’ education

By Mark Haiko and Angela Hwang Staff Editors Columbia Middle School (in Sunnyvale) eighth grader Logan Obrero said his annual seventh and eighth grade music class trips to Disneyland were canceled in early March due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, which resulted in many disappointed students. Efforts were made to find alternate solutions, as the musicians need a goal for

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“Igor” is one of the best albums of 2019

By Justin Lin Staff Writer Tyler, the Creator is a 29-year-old American singer, rapper, songwriter, producer, designer, and music video director. He was first introduced into the music industry in 2007 as the co-founder of the popular hip-hop collective “Odd Future.” After the group’s split, Tyler has been working as a solo artist to this day. Having won the MTV

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High schools should offer financial education classes

By Ruby Balbuena and Taylor Vu Staff Writers Throughout our research of high schools not offering financial education, we were very disappointed to see that schools are not teaching students the information that we would need for when becoming an adult. Even our school, Summit Denali, which once had an adulting class, no longer offers it.  All high schools should

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Students voice opinions on financial education classes

By Ruby Balbuena and Taylor Vu Staff Writers Denali junior Daniela Rojas took an adulting class during the past year. She has gained more knowledge of financing because of the adulting class that she took.  Rojas said she learned “different skills to make my transition into adulthood less confusing and stressful,” Rojas said. “For example, we learned how to do

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Social media has changed the lives of modern society

By Justin Lin Staff Writer Today, social media has become a major part of numerous lives through countless websites and apps,  and people have been able to connect with others and share their thoughts, emotions, experiences, etc. It’s been able to provide a source of entertainment and shopping, and many businesses have even found it useful for promotion and marketing.

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Students across the Bay Area feel socially isolated in quarantine

By Elizabeth Hall and Kaashika Raut Staff Writers When it comes to how students are handling online school, Wilcox High School freshman Kaitlyn Lee stated that Wilcox simply wasn’t prepared to close and had to delay the start of online school until a week into the shelter in place order. “They should give more information to the students about what’s

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