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Minecraft: a masterpiece to free the mind

By Skyler Sauer Staff Writer Minecraft is the second best-selling video game in history. Released over 10 years ago and more than 200 millions sales, Minecraft is an absolute masterpiece, but not without its flaws. Minecraft is an open-world sandbox game where the player starts their world in a 3D world full of uniformly-sized blocks. These blocks make up landscapes,

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Morally grey characters walk the fine line between good and evil

By Ella Rodrigues and McKenna Seegmiller Staff Writers   In a world where our actions are placed in carefully crafted boxes of good and evil, there lies a special kind of character. Carefully balanced in between the spaces is someone who is morally grey. A morally grey character walks the thin line between hero and villain, and questions societal norms

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“West Side Story” is as relevant today as it was in 1961

By McKenna Seegmiller Staff Writer   Recently I watched West Side Story again for the first time in a while. Behind the dramatic romance and energetic dance numbers, I noticed that the movie presented certain truths about society. Watching the classic, I realized just how little has changed since its release in 1961. The most notable takeaways from the Hollywood

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“Barbie of Swan Lake” is more problematic than you may think

By Alex Diaz Staff Writer Starting in 2001, the franchise, Barbie, released its first ever movie, Barbie in the Nutcracker. Its initial success led to many more movies being released starring the main character of Barbie in different adventures in different worlds. Many children grew to idolize this popular franchise, and to many, it still holds much sentimental value. However,

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Review: BTS shares their honest feelings about the pandemic through “BE”

By Melissa Domingo Arts Editor Popular K-pop group BTS (방탄소년단), released their seventh studio album “BE” on November 20 and it has already racked up multiple achievements. The pre-release single “Dynamite” has been nominated for Best Pop Group/Duo Performance for the Grammys, and all of the songs on the album charted on Billboard Hot 100. They are now the only

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Review: Niki releases her long awaited debut album, Moonchild

By Melissa Domingo Arts Editor Indonesia native, Nicole Zefanya, better known by the mononym Niki, released her highly anticipated debut album on September 10, 2020. After works like “Zephyr” and “wanna take this downtown?”, the release of “Moonchild” comes as a pleasant surprise to fans. The singer-songwriter released a ten track concept album intended to tell the story of the

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