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Summit Shasta offers a limited selection of arts courses

By Melissa Domingo Arts Editor This year at Summit Shasta, three different art courses are offered: Intro to Art, Intermediate Art, and Creative Writing as Performance. The courses are being offered as VPA courses during Expeditions; Expeditions are elective courses that are taught in four two-week-long rounds throughout the school year. Taking at least one VPA course is a high

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Denali increases support in the arts

By Mark Haiko Denali Multimedia Editor Art is the use of skills in pursuit of creative productions, with examples being drawing, written literature and video creation. This definition is quite broad, and, in concept, most things people use their imagination on can be considered art. Even with such a loose definition, Summit Public Schools: Denali has had problems with promoting

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Why “Metro 2033” is such an important development in the world of video games

By Nick Reed Arts Editor The idea of video games being an artistic medium to be taken seriously by major news outlets has not always been widely accepted. Since the days of “Pong” and Italian plumbers jumping, video games have more often than not been seen as unimportant brain candy, a filler to keep you entertained but not to be

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Everest closes the year with its Celebration of Learning

By Molly Pigot and Karla Santana Staff Editors  As the school year is coming to a close, Everest Public High School is in the full swing of Expeditions and has just held the Celebration of Learning. This is an annual event held to demonstrate what students have done in their Expeditions courses and to award students who have proved that

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Denali students showcase Expeditions work at annual Celebration of Learning

By Charlie Cassel, Angela Hwang, Jacob Jasper and Evangeline Si Staff Writers Students and families gathered on June 5 at Denali High School to commemorate the learning the students have done during the last weeks in Expeditions. People streamed from classroom to classroom, viewing the various projects. Celebration of Learning is an annual Summit event that occurs at the end

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Creative Writing gives students a space to explore themselves

By Andrea Castilleros Staff Writer In their freshman year, students read creative novels in their English class. Now, the Creative Writing as Performance Expeditions course gives them the chance to write their own stories. The course gives students the chance to express themselves through their writing. “I was able to express my emotions about a certain circumstance that happened in

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