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New self-directed learning Expeditions course is coming to Tahoma

By William Butler Staff Editor  Summit Tahoma has always had core values of self-directed learning and preparing students for college. For school year 2019-20, there will be a new course introduced into the Tahoma Expeditions courses that is designed for juniors who are interested in studying for an AP test that Tahoma doesn’t offer. This course will be beneficial to

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Summit Tahoma and Rainer participate in action-packed Senior Night

By Will Butler Tahoma Sports Editor On March 23, the basketball team held Senior Night at Summit Tahoma. The event was pushed back due to complications, as it was originally scheduled to take place during the Summit Tahoma basketball season. An audience of teachers, students and parents attended the the event. There was a three-point contest between the students who chose

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Wellness and Movement helps Summit Tahoma stay healthy

By Will Butler Staff Writer Now, more than ever, students of all ages are eating unhealthy diets, and that has caused an obesity epidemic in America.  A new course at Summit Tahoma, which was introduced during the second round of Expeditions, is Wellness and Movement, taught by Danielle Redlin. The course is focused on teaching good eating habits, learning about certain

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